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Friday, 18 November 2011

that "The One"

I can totally relate to the main character in the series 'How I Met Your Mother' (Yes, I love love LOVE this series), Ted Mosby. The TV series is about him telling his kids about the story of his whole adulthood love life, well, eventually he's gonna meet his wife. The thing about Ted Mosby is that he believes soooo much with "the one". He let himself fell high over heels for random women, hoping that they'll become "the one" but got himself heart broken, yet he never gives up.

Which put me to thinking, for those who were thinking to be married in their life, including myself, WE ARE ALL TED MOSBIES! and that's just SAD!
Why should we fell high over heels with someone just to know that we're gonna end up feeling sad anyway..
Why should we go through the whole process of dating and breaking up with others to eventually find the one..
Isn't the idea of finding the one seems so tiring, complicated, and painful?
Why would I wanna spend all those time and effort just to hurt myself in the end?

TED MOSBY IS STUPID! He's so hopeless in love that he successfully made me hopelessly lose hope in love. I have turned into a skeptic in terms of love. I used to be a Ted Mosby. So in lovey dubey, hoping to find the one true companion for life. (apart from the fact that I love this series, which IS very IRONIC)

Now I don't even wanna think about the other companion. Maybe I've changed, maybe I've grown up.. For all I know, my world isn't a fairy tale anymore, where the girl can meet the boy then they live happily ever after. Believe me, I used to have that kinda point of view. I thought I'll grow up, find someone, get married, have kids, and be happy, the end..


Would it be strange
If we were to arrange,
a date for some coffee or tea?
Maybe you'd be perfect for me
Oh, I wonder would you like my company.. - David Choi

Hearing this song, it always brings back my hope in love. I don't know whether because it's late and I'm feeling blue or just because of the floating melody, but yes, no matter how much I deny it, in the end, I am just a Ted Mosby.

Even though I know that finding "the one" is like finding a needle in a stack of straw, but wouldn't it be worth finding when I finally get to find him?
Even though I know that I may bump into jerks or assholes or just plain scumbag liars, but when I finally bumped into "the one", am I not gonna be relieved that I may not bump into another jerk or asshole or just another plain scumbag liar

Someday a man is gonna steal my heart and I'm gonna steal his last name..

Yes, how much we deny it, we know that DEEP DOWN INSIDE, we are all just Ted Mosbies..