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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Old Friends, New Friends

I am finally on my holiday. After studying so hard, I gotta say I passed with flying colours. About 2 months ago, or 3 months ago, I opened an online shop called Vivianne OnlineShop with my big sis. And from that moment, the next thing I know, all of my friends are opening their own business too.. I'm so psyched about us getting mature together. Having the urge to be financially independent. Well, I don't expect much since it was only the beginning, but even GREAT achievements have to be started with that one little humble STEP.

The thing that stumbles in my mind lately is about my circle of friends. It has been quite long that I didn't hang out with my high school buddies anymore, which is my prime circle of friends. And I have been enjoying the company of new friends, that it struck me. Have I forgotten about my old friends?

I have been hanging out quite a lot with Hanny and Anggi. It is funny how I met Anggi back when we were in high school and how close we got only because we went to the same tution centre. After years apart with minimum contact and due to my sudden gym interest and also the fact that now I'm dating one of her friend, somehow, we got in contact and she introduced me to Hanny, who is the liveliest, most talkative, most loud, most adorable person in every cute positive way. (Hanny, if u're reading this right now, please try not to boast about it, which I know, you will do anyway.. -___-")

Yesterday, the three of us were just sitting and talked about stuffs, from work to happiness. Stuffs that randomly ran through our mind. I can spent hours sitting with the two of them and talked about every little thing. It's like we're a couple who are just getting to know each other in the first phase of the relationship. And I realized that I don't do this stuffs anymore with my high school buddies. They are the closest people next to my own family. Yet, every time we got together, we would act like we're old married couples who grow so fond of each other that we turned lazy in making the relationship interesting. It's 9 p.m on a Saturday night and we didn't have any clue what to do anymore, which lead up to going back home.

I discussed bout this with Hanny and Anggi, and Hanny said that it's normal that whenever you got a new circle of friends, you tend to forget the old one. It could be temporary or permanent. I couldn't lie to myself that I enjoy, I really enjoy the honeymoon period of my friendship with Hanny and Anggi. But at the same time, I miss my old friends.

There's just a few things that I can or can't share with the two circle of friends. There's just a slight differences in the jokes between the two circle of friends. There are differences which is inevitable..

I can't blame my high school buddies, as they were busy with their own schedules. But when coming to grab a few bites in the neighborhood, in the present time, I'm more comfortable in asking companion with my new friends. It seems much more practical as we live quite near.

I tend to be indifferent with them. Is it my fault to be indifferent with them? Is it my fault that I grow fonder with my new friends?

The special thing about my high school buddies is, whatever happens between or within us, they will always be there. They might not be there 24/7 showing their attention and care all the time. We don't even talk to each other for a few days as each of us are soaked up in our own business.

The reason why we didn't spend hours of sitting down talking about random, deep topics, like your passions, your goals, your future, well, it simply because we have talked all about it. We have known each other too well that we don't need to dig up the others personalities. We simply know each other too well..

To know that fact, it brings warmth to my mind and soul. It's comforting to know that you have those people at your back. They will always be there, even if it looks like they don't. :)

I love all of my circle of friends, even my university buddies. It's just nice to know you have people that understand and get you for who you are. Without having to be fake or anything..

Btw, yesterday, the three of us went to Playground in Plaza Indo, just to try the food. If I have to rate the food, it'll probably be 6.5/10. For such a cute fancy place, it's just so wrong to substitute nachos with emping.. -___-"

 The Spagetthi Anggi had.. I can make better *boasting*
 The three of us in BINUS bazaar featuring LABELOUS (Hanny's clothing line)
Me and Hanny
The Dorry fish I had with cheese sauce is actually quite nice!