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The Author

Elvina Febriani - 'a roller in the never ending coaster', that's how she perceives herself. She believes that this life is a journey and each of us might as well have fun living it to the fullest. She started writing for fun and fell in love with the occasion of being an amateur food blogger. Well, being a food blogger is literally an act of combining her two hobbies, eating and writing (read : finding ways to babble all the swirling thoughts in her twisted head). Writing is like a fun getaway for her and apparently it adds more colors to her journey which made her, somehow, feel very attached to her blog as it is the one of the many social medias she uses to share her experiences and insights with her friends and complete strangers..

 After graduating, she became a food writer for Femina, an Indonesian female magazine, to this very day. This occasion is another adventurous journey where she gets to acquire, learn, and taste new food and new lessons of life (literally, hahaha...)

She hopes that the readers of this blog enjoy her writings and find the information useful. Just to remind the readers, all of the writing in this blog is based on Elvina Febriani's personal taste and opinion. A slight of disagreement with the readers is often experienced and she totally appreciates heterogeneous perspectives of others. She just hope a little bit of respect in return and a bit of understanding that it is OKAY to have different opinions.. It is OKAY to be different. That's how each of us get to be so unique.. ;p

To sum up : She is... A food writer, An unpaid food blogger. A daughter. A friend. A best friend. A decent talkative person.

Have fun reading~

Contact via email : elvinafebriani@gmail.com

Oh, in the name of curiosity, she is also willing to go beyond the normal boundaries.. Just to be sure and to claim that self-satisfying phrase of "I know how that tastes like" (read:eating variety of insects)

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