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Monday, 20 August 2012

Monolog.. the coffee.. the brunch.. the lunch..

Yeah, I know Monolog isn't a new place.. I just happened to go there a couple of weeks back so VOILA, I decided to write a review of it.. When I went there, I indulged myself with their brunch menu and of course a taste of their caffeine.. I personally think brunch is the most comforting meal of the day and although it was 2 p.m when I ordered my brunch set, I didn't give the slightest damn.. MUWAHAHAHA...

Without further ado, I hope you will drool..
the menu as usual.. I love the fact that they have written all the prices with tax included.. 
this is how it looks inside.. I love the vintage, woody slash pipe-all-over-the-ceiling interior..
This is the coffee bar (I suppose) cause it's in front of the barista.. 
When you go in, this is the first thing I saw..
well.. that and this.. okay scratch it.. This was the first thing that I glared at.. who am I kidding.. lol
I ordered the latte (27k). Look how pretty it is! Okay.. ehem.. I personally love this.. I was not in that much of a mood for caffeine dozes so this drink came in handy.. It's not too strong yet I still got that smell of fresh coffee.. 
The cappuccino (27k). My sister ordered this. I didn't know what went wrong, maybe the milk was too strong, I honestly didn't know. But there was definitely a cheesy after taste in this drink. It's like as if we were drinking a cheese flavored cappuccino.. 
This is the iced cappuccino (38k)
Chicken Florentine Galette (62k). As you can see for yourself, they have a layer of crepe, topped with diced chicken and mushrooms with super yummy creamy sauce.. I love it. If you like chicken, this is definitely the right choice for you..
Sunrise Breakfast set (73k). The wheat bread was freshly made! I can smell how fragrant it was.. In the middle we have sauteed mushrooms. I loveeee mushrooms so three thumbs up for their mushrooms. The omelette was perfect, it's soft and creamy just how I like it!
This was what I ordered. It's the omelette breakfast set (78k). Oh I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.. You can choose the fillings for your omelette.. I chose mushrooms and ham. And no, this wasn't one of those pretentious omelette with little fillings. This one will indulge your cravings for brunch! In the middle we have pan roasted potatoes, which I also love to the max! super yummy!
This is the Monolog Egg Cheese Burger (78k). I didn't get to try it, but there were two of us who ordered this and the two of them found this really yummy. There's a sunny side up between the layers.. 
This is the grilled salad (58k)
Overall, I like this place. I think I will definitely go back for more.. I didn't try any of the cakes though.. Too full.. Seriously, my omelette was so thick with fillings yet fluffy and creamy at the same time which was pure bliss.. I gave 8/10 for their food.. The ambiance and service are great too.. I think it's a nice place to hang out with your friends.. Whether it is day or night time.. 

Bam! Baby Nathan is in the house yo!
my big sis and her friend, Anya.. my companies for the day.. 
Plaza Senayan Level 1 CP 101 B
Palm Gate Entrance
Jl. Asia Afrika no 8, Jakarta
Phone : (021) 572 5144
website : http://monolog-coffee.com/
twitter : @monologcoffee

Friday, 17 August 2012

Chili's.. A Mexican Fiesta~

Chili's is another branch restaurant from America. I have been going to this place since high school.. It's a place where my friends and I will get together, spend hours till we fill our stomachs super duper full and just enjoy each other's company.. Believe me, you will never say "I am still not full" when you walk out of this place... My friends and I call this place our base camp because we hang out here a lot! There was this one month, I didn't remember what the hell happened, but we went here for 3 Saturdays in a row.. Until now, we're still deeply in LOVE with this place.. They serve comfort yummy food Mexican style.. The portion is gigantic, compared to Asian portion.. The mashed potato is to DIE FOR..

There are only three words that can make me and my friends go to this place whenever we're hungry.. Those words are.. Chili's.. Mashed.. Potato.. The tradition started when we were just hanging out in one of our friend's home, and suddenly my other friend said those words. We practically stop whatever we were doing and went there.. Oh yeah, and they went to Chili's again the exact next day.. without me.. T_T

Oh and one more, before looking at the pictures below, you will notice that all the side dishes are mashed potato with french fries.. We specially requested it that way because well, we just love their potatoes so much.. The original side dishes are fries, sweet corn cob and a very delicious garlic bread which they make on their own.. Damn, no wonder our cholesterol level is so high

HERE WE GO.. Embrace yourself..

This is their new menu.. In my high school years, the menu wasn't like this and the price was cheaper.. lol
We always order lemon tea! Despite the fact that it is bottomless, it has turned into a habit.. 
For starters, we order Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip (85k). Yes, it sizzles and so yummy! Usually we always order the Skillet Queso, it's a cheese dip with seasoned beef little pieces.. I love both of them I can't choose which one is my favorite.. MAD LOVE
You know what the best part is, the tostada chips are also bottomless.. Well, it used to be bottomless, you can refill it as many times as you want.. But now they changed it so you can only refill it once.. I love their tostada chips especially when they're still hot.. They made it themselves, unlike some places which buy a super market chips.. And this is the perfect munch while waiting for your food.. oh you can also ask for their home made salsa sauce for free :) 
VOILA.. Country Fried Chicken *Crisper version* (93k). They have another version of this dish where the chicken doesn't come in strips like these.. This is one of my favorite meal here. I just love their batter and that it is fried to crispy perfection! *that's what the menu said and hell yeah I so agree with it* For the crisper version you can choose what type of sauce you want, this one is honey mustard.  They also have country gravy, BBQ and cool ranch dressing.. Oh and see the bowl of creamy sauce on the top, THAT IS THE SECRET WHY THEIR MASHED POTATOES ARE SO DAMN DELICIOUS.. I don't know how they made it I just know it's so yummy I could die smiling after eating it.. *that's not a metaphor, I mean it*
They also serve super gigantic yummy juicy burgers! This one is Mushroom Swiss Burger (94k). Inside it are sauteed mushrooms, aged swiss cheese, mayo, slices of tomatoes and pickles with shredded lettuce. Of course the thick juicy beef patty.. Served with classic french fries.. SUPER YUMMY! We always have trouble eating the burgers cause of the size.. 
Chicken Crispers (93k) Well this is actually a new menu. It's basically the same with the Country Fried Chicken but they have this sour sweet sauce.. Teng LOVES this dish so much, she always orders this when we're here.. Oh and notice how the side dishes are all mashed potatoes and french fries, it's not supposed to be like that.. We are just carbs lovers.. lol
Fish and Chips (75k) I just love love love their batter.. All of my friends prefer this fish and chips rather than fish&co.'s fish and chips, but I don't know, I have to say I won't order a fish and chips in Chili's.. It's a bit out of place..  If I wanna order a fish and chips, I will go to the place where they serve the best fish and chips in town.. lol.. 
The super creamy yummy sauce with a touch of black and red pepper.. They used to top this directly on the mashed potatoes and chicken, now they separate it on a small bowl which is a super PLUS point cause we get more.. HIHIHIHIHI 
Mushroom Jack Combo Fajitas (164K). The combo one has grilled steak and chicken, smothered with Jack cheese, crispy beef bacon and sauteed mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers.. We all love mushrooms so this one is like the BEST combo EVER..
The meal came with this. They have guacamole in the middle, sour cream, chopped tomatoes, another cheese, shredded lettuce.. 
Also the warm tortillas to wrap the whole yumminess into a PERFECTION!  The thing that I like is you get to choose on your own what stuffs you wanna put inside it.. 
Cajun Club Sandwich (84k). This sandwich is soooo BIG that my friend couldn't finish it.. All of us were too full to even touch it.. Look at those thick chicken breast.. Yumminess, but too full to eat it.. 
In the middle of gobbling all of our food, Sara's bf came with balloons.. Well, since we were celebrating Nde's birthday party.. 
Full tank for both tummy and happiness
Birthday boy
This was how our table looked like.. And this was before the sandwich came.. 
Wew, just writing a review of it makes me wanna go back there.. I don't know why I never get bored with this place. We basically order pretty much the same thing every time we go here.. It's just a very warm place to enjoy good food and good company... There are so many memories of me and my best friends in this place.. :)

Sarinah Building, 2nd floor
Jl. MH, Thamrin no 11
Jakarta 10350
Phone : 021-3146587 - 88


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Taiyo Sushi.. not Cruz..

I just had dinner in Taiyo Sushi near my house with my high school friends.. They just re-opened their Sushi restaurant after the renovation and tonight was the first time we visited it again.. The place didn't change much but I can definitely see more tables and more space for customers..

I have always LOVE the sushi there.. My friends are all crazy about this place too.. When they closed down the restaurant for the renovation, we thought they somehow went bankrupt and we all were very disappointed.. So when we found out that they're just being renovated, we were so thrilled.

The thing is they have a special mayo cheese sauce that my friends and I all ADORE.. andddd I also love how they grill some of the sushi, it makes the sushi has a hint of grilled scent which I LOVE so MUCH!

The decorations somehow reminded me of LV symbol.. I know they're not the same.. -__-"
Sushi bar
Wood interior..

While waiting for the sushi.. 

Yes, Teng ordered more sushi for a second round

After some time, VOILAAA... Le sushi is finally here!~ Well, we didn't order all at once, we had two rounds of sushi..

Salmon Belly Sashimi (38k) I like the texture of Salmon belly~ More chewy, somehow fatty but yummy..
Tempura Crunchy Roll (32k) I think this dish would be very good if the tempura is served hot or warm.. It's still very much crunchy though.. 
Unagi Salmon Special (54k) I remember it used to have a very strong grilling scent in a good way.. If u can see the side of the sushi, it has a some kind of charcoal marks.. well, there's the magic 
Mozzarella Mentai Yaki (28k) They put their special mayo sauce with another layer of melted mozzarella.. Oh yummy to the max.. Inside is pieces of salmon sashimi.. 
Salmon Skin Fried (22k) I love how crispy it is.. I can eat a bucket of this without complaining.. 
Gyu Enoki (36k) Basically it is rolled beef filled with enoki.. I like the sauce, it's sweet but it compliments the dish
Cheese Mentai Roll (48k) Perfectness.. Cheese and mayo.. super guilty pleasure! HAHAHA.. I have no regret! Even though before this I spent an hour at the gym sweating like a pig.. worth it.. 
Volcano (48k) On top is the mayo sauce, inside was pieces of sashimi and you have to dig it up  to get the whole rice and fish.. A messy one indeed.. Three of us dropped our rice and fish when we're trying to put it into our mouth.. 
Aburi Mozzarella Roll (56k) I would say this is one of my favorite fusion sushi ever.. It's sweet and salty at the same time.. The floss is sweet but the mayo makes it savory..  Plus I dipped it to the soy sauce with a little of chili powder.. PURE LOVE
Taiyo Special Roll (52k) ALSO VERY YUMMY.. I love all the fusion sushi that we ordered tonight! Each of us made an "OH MY GOD IT'S SO FREAKIN GOOD, YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!" expression every time we tasted a new type of sushi.. 
I have been craving to eat fusion sushi for quite some time.. and apparently Sushi Tei has now failed to fulfill me with those cravings.. The last time I went there, their crunchy roll was not even crunchy. It was really bad..

So after visiting Taiyo Sushi tonight, I am quite impressed.. and my cravings are certainly fulfilled.. I loveeeeee their fusion sushi. The staffs are great, the food is wonderful.. I definitely recommend this place to hang out..

Unlike big fusion sushi restaurants, Taiyo sushi still has a niche that makes the place special enough... I rated the food 9/10.. I personally loveeee all the mayo and cheese sauce so yeah I am a big fan.. plus each sushi has the right mixture of texture, from the crunchy bits to the soft sashimi and the glutinous rice.. Ooh, plus we got a 20% disc tonight.. Hihihihihi...

Jln. Pluit Putera Raya no 17
Jakarta Utara