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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Ristorante Italiano~

Last weekend, I was having a sisters night out with both of my sisters. We went to this humble Italian restaurant in Kemang called Toscana. It was a very decent place, both the food and the atmosphere, with reasonable prices. I love the ambiance there, having a Sunday dinner with my loved ones. It was cozy and homy. You can tell that the house is old but they have renovated it so it's very decent.The food there is totally awesomeeeee..

I got an epiphany while I was eating there.. Here it goes..

I am much more closer to my bigger sister and sometimes I get annoyed easily with my little sister. In my mind, she will always be a little girl who has the power of the what-so-called "Mom's Protection". Whenever I got annoyed, I just tend to ignore her, be silent and leave the room. This has been interpreted that she is immune to my authority as an older sister or whatsoever she wants to interpret it as. On a normal basis, yes I do love her but when we are caught up in a "situation", Oh God! I wish she could be struck by a lightning. Okay that was a psychotic metaphor.  In other words, I will always see her as an elementary student, not mattering the fact that she's now in high school.

When we were there, laughing at silly stuffs, sharing stories, I realized that there are just too many beautiful things to be mad at this world. I've never felt so blessed. I consider myself happy at that moment. Really, we are nothing without our loved ones in this world. And it's great to know that they love us just as sincere. And  it came to me. She love me as much as I love her.. I don't know it's because of the place, the food, or we're just high on sugar.. But I'm glad it striked me.

Proof that my little sister still love me the way I love her : she ordered the mushroom risotto that I love, cherish ohhhh so much, she was willing to trade her dish with mine cause I asked for it.. See.. Love..

I always thought that she's more egoistic and put very little care towards other's interest. Maybe I was WRONG, maybe she's growing up, but my vision is just blocked by her little sister image.. (FYI, after I finished typing that last sentence, it literally starts to rain and raindrops are all over my room's windows in front of me. Is this so a drama movie or whatttttt)

Okay enough foolish talking, PICTURE TIMEEEE

I was trying this app on my Samsung note, it's called action snap.. The lightning on the place that we sat is very little, so here are the results.. 

Moving on to the food..

Free Fresh Homemade breads, with garlic cream and balsamic vinegar with olive oil.. Always a catch, especially when you're starving and the food hasn't been served yet..

We're trying to be healthy so this is our appetizer, a Caesar Salad

I ordered this Fettuccine Parmigiana. The pasta there are all HOMEMADE PASTAS. You can definitely taste the difference between instant and homemade pastas. The texture especially. The meatballs are chicken and it tastes really good! 

This was what my big sis ordered, it was Dipolpette. Basically, it was eggplant in a form of a lasagna. It was very nice as well

Maybe I'm crazy about  mushroom risottos. But mother of dear God, this is goodddd.. Yes it looked mundane, but I wouldn't left a single bit of that risotto on the plate..

This is a hot chocolate cake, Fondente Gelato, a bit like molten cake. The insides are gooey and warm.. Nyummy 

They say they have the best tiramisu, and yes, they do.. We were so full, but we couldn't help scooping out creamy tiramisu till it's totally finished..

This place is a definite 'must-go-back-and-eat-more-food' restaurant. The service is excellent, with a fine dining touch.. They even put individual napkins on your lap, and we are served with free iced lemon water.. The price is pretty cheap, I say.. Yep, definitely must go back to this place.. 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

5th year anniversary!!!

Yep, Pancious Pancake is adding new menus in terms of their 5th year anniversary! Yesterday, me and my friends were out to Plaza Indonesia, and we were strolling around or more like 'zombie-ing' around. We have no idea where to eat and were very much in a starving condition. We could definitely finish a human and still crave for desserts, especially with Ivan around..

Ehemm.. Moving on.. Pardon my intrusion on an imaginative walking dead world (I spent too much time on ZombieBooth android application..)

So yeah, as usual, the service in Pancious is great. There are so many new places that serve pancakes but as long as I'm concerned, Pancious is the pioneer (in our country) in opening a restaurant with various pancakes menu. Maybe it's just me, but I tend to choose the pioneer in everything even though it's not something new, but they brought it up first. Just like how I always say that Sour Sally serves the best yogurt in town. Okay, without further ado, let me just show the pictures..

Fettuccine with beef and red wine

Fettuccine with chicken blue cheese

Our favorite menu is the breakfast set. The pancake is below the waffle

Mushroom Risotto with grilled chicken breast. This is one of the new menus and I L.O.V.E IT~ It's so creamy and yummy. I could savor it for one whole day!

Since we had purchased more than Rp 200.000, they were giving us complimentary of a black forest pancake..

Oh and again, this is the crepe cake with opera topping. YUMMY AS HELL! Perfectly layered thin crepes over cream on each layer. It was light but creamy, soft but has a firm figure. Look at the caramel chocolate sauce on the pictures, I'm just glad I didn't go barbaric before I snap the pictures. Everybody else on the table was like staring and resisting not to poke a finger to the sauce and lick it straight. Yes, we are not barbaric. but still, the thought lingers.. When I put the first bite inside my mouth, I was literally melting away. BEST DESSERT OF THE MONTH! 

They also gave us a benefit card. We could collect three of benefit cards and get discounts on special occasions, like your anniversary or your birthday.. Smart way to make us wanna go back there and eat more crepe cakes.. (Not worrying about our cholesterol, as I have said to Teng, we're still too young to die out of a heart attack.. *amen to that*)

Now of course, it wouldn't be us if we didn't take silly pictures..

all hail 9gag

My two partners in crime (in a very different way)

and last but not least, 

asian zombie.. This is how Asian Zombies would look like..

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Second Birthday Bash~

The what so called Mr and Mrs..

Me with Ivan

Mr. Febriano and beautiful Audrey

Mr. Febriano and I were celebrating our birthdays which were on the same month, so technically, this was my second birthday bash.. Btw, Audrey and I were just boasting our Samsung Note (LIKE A BOSS)

Sweet Bunga and her dear boyfriend

Lidia (candid) and pretending to be her boyfriend of the day, Kevin.. 

We're celebrating it on very last minute. It was supposed to be in Holy cow, Kuningan. But due to the time, the traffic, the time, the traffic, we picked The Duck King in SMS as a safe choice. It's the only place where they serve no lard chinese food that actually tastes good

Of course everybody knows THE DUCK KING. Their duck is splendiddddd to the max! The next thing that I love in this restaurant is the green beans with minced beef. It's a very simple down to earth dish but it tastes MAGNIFICO! The other dishes were great as well. If you're craving for Chinese dishes that's HALAL, then hitting this place would be a great idea!

Half a duck of their specialty

Half a duck of our choice.. 

The best minced beef with green beans ever made

Mantao from Lidia's request

Fried Shrimps with salted eggs

Fish something something with lemon grass in hot stone. It's really really really hot

Family Picture Time.. Bamm!

Nothing is gonna be wrong when you're spending your time with your loved ones. No matter where it is, when it is.. Each day I find myself very grateful to be surrounded by these people, another family with no blood relations whatsoever, but they're willing to be there just for the sake of being there..

Everyday you're gonna meet new people and there's nothing wrong about that. But the people that you have known for years and still stick around with you are the ones who really matter. The ones who are real. I believe as I'm getting older, it's more important to prioritize these people rather than widening your connections here and there but ended up lost within those circles and eventually you'll find yourself alone in a very cold dark place (okay, this is getting a bit weird and out of the context)

In 2012, I planned on kicking 2012's ass. So far, I have been kicking it, hard (Except for the fact that my ass is soon going to be kicked by a bucket load of assignments). There's nothing that gonna stop me from being me or reaching for what I want. I have been blessed with so many wonderful things that I feel there's nothing more in the world that would satisfy me. I'm truly BLESSED...

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Trying to Catch Bits by Bits

Okay, so I've gone M.I.A for a while, but I'm back now. It's just been so hectic that I didn't have the time to even turn on my laptop. There were so many things happening during my absence from the blogging world

1. I bought a Samsung Note, based on Ano's or so called Baba's devilish gadget influence. Now I call it, my baby samsung. Basically, my bb is just trash now. Or more like a stepdaughter to me..

2. I joined a debating competition in UNPAD and it's my first experience in joining debating competition. We went into the OCTO Finals and got the 13th rank out of 36 slots.. Not so bad for a starter. It doesn't seem much but hell, I was so proud of myself. Just being able to go into the finals, and in UNPAD, and just by my first try! I deserve me to pat myself in the back..

3. I joined the HMJ. It's like a student council. Now I'm just so into campus life all of a sudden.. I don't know what has gotten into me..

4. Went to a LOT of places to eat. I took the pictures but never seem to have the time to upload it.. Currently my baby note doesn't wanna upload photos to this blog.. So I still have to manage it manually from my laptop. Dammit, I gotta get familiar with my baby note.. *okay it starts to sound freaky referring note as my baby*

Last but not least, PICTURESSSSSSSS (with minimal words)

Bandung Trip
Azzura in PVJ

Qua-Li for dinner

Nobuzen at PIK

Little Sheep (Xiao Fei Yang) A MUST TRY!

Rasa Sayang (Indian Food in Sunter) Yummieh!

I hope you drool, I know it's not much and I'm taking all the photos with my note now. I guess I should've put more effort in editing it or making it look nicer.. This is just a few of the pics that I've been keeping. Right now, I'm just too tired and I really wanna hit the bed ASAP.. The places in this blog post are all superb in their own way..

My favorite one is Little Sheep in Kota. It's a buffet or you can also do it a la carte style. It's a franchise from China, damnnnnnn it's so good I can eat there for a week.. Okay enough quacking, I need sleep.. Tomorrow I have to go to Puncak cause I'm in the advance team in this event..