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Monday, 14 January 2013

Fook me? No, FOOK YEW!

Don't look at me, I am just quoting one of the pictures hanged on the wall...

Fook Yew, the sound of the words itself may raise some eye brows.. Yes people, it is another Ismaya's established venue, serving (for the first time) Chinese food. Last weekend, I got the chance to eat there. After tremendous long hours of traffic, I was starving and I have been craving (very badly) for sheng jian bao. Apparently, Fook Yew is the only existing place I know that serves sheng jian bao, a delicious Shanghai savory light bites. 

I can't say I am disappointed with Fook Yew. Not only it was able to redeem my desired longing to go back to Shanghai, it serves great delicious Chinese food. Unlike some of Ismaya's other venues (which only concentrated mostly on the concept, but not the food), I can, for sure, say it loud and clear that I LOVE FOOK YEW

The retro rustic oriental touches with pop art paintings filling the walls, a very highly planned interior that can catch the image of a traditional, yet modern, street hawker style version of China. The menu itself is cute! For a halal restaurant serving Chinese food, I am quite satisfied by the dishes I ordered that day.. 

Bubble tea menu is so cute. Parents say don't play with your food. Well, nobody says you can't play with the menu.. I didn't order any bubble tea drinks that day. I have consumed too many bubble drinks, I am in the edge of getting sick of it..  
I was mesmerized by these red bird cage lamps.. GENIUS!
Pop art retro touches.. 
Chinese tea. They have variety of choices. This one was jasmine, my favorite Chinese tea (12k)
Xiao Long Bao (48k). They have chili, original, black sesame, cheese, tom yum and garlic flavor.. All XLB uses chicken meat. It was perfect for a cold rainy day.. 
SHENG JIAN BAO (29K). This one was chicken prawn sheng jian bao. For me, the beneath part wasn't crispy enough. As you can see from this picture, it has not showed any signs of crispiness. But I had been craving for these little babies since months ago and this one was pretty awesome..  The most thing that I like about sheng jian baos, they are very juicy, but not in the same way as runny juicy from xiao long bao.. 
XO Fried Rice (42k). I like this one too. Very fragrant. A hint of spiciness to complete the overall XO flavor.. The bowl was very big that it seemed they only gave us very little rice. But it was good.. So, no complaining.. 
The empty big bowl and a very satisfied me. If the place wasn't that far from my house, I would definitely make this place as my where-to-go destination and pay a regular visit. 

Gandaria City, Main Street Ground Floor
Jl. KH. M. Syafii Hadzami No. 8
Kebayoran Lama
Phone : 021 - 2900 7897

Friday, 11 January 2013

Pidza Inc. One of a kind Pizza!

Pantai Indah Kapuk has been one of my favorite destinations for hanging out with my friends. The continuous growth of new cafes and bars with competitive concepts gives you plenty of choices of where to have a quick bite and spend your evening with your companies. Besides, my house is quite near to that area, so I have been enjoying the 'non-traffic-it's-so-near' advantages.

I think it's a great destination for hanging out, but I am not sure that all of those restaurants, cafes, and bars serve you with great or even decent food.. Some even serve questionable drinks. My friends and I can guarantee you that we have become victims of the attractive concepts given by the cafes. It's so deceiving that when we found out about the quality of the food or drinks, it's such a major turn off. 

But don't lose hope. The other reason why I keep going back there is because there are still some places that serve decent yummy food. Like tonight, for instance. 

I have been passing by Pidza Inc. for months with no intention of trying it. Why? The answer is simple.. The place is not attractive enough. Compared to the other cafes, Pidza Inc. must definitely play catch up with the other cafes if they wanna attract more customers.  In another way, I think it's quite secluded cause it is located in the less crowded area. Pardon me for being that shallow, but in my defense, my eyes are locked to the new comers who keep giving grand eye-catchy touches to their places. It's too many that I don't have the chance to try it all and Pidza Inc. seems to be buried under the spotlight. Well, let me make it clear to you that I am not a high-end freak who only wanna eat in hip cool places. If you have seen my instagram pictures, then you will know that I spend most of my time eating food from street hawkers. Yet, I am only human.. and sometimes I do have my flaws.. Getting attracted to something eye-catchy is one of it. ;p

Well, tonight, one of my friends recommended this Pizza place. Whenever there's good food, I am down for it.. So here it goes..

Australian Pizza (49K). Thin crust pizza with a sunny side up, bacon, and hash browns. Well, the menu said it's hash browns, but it's basically small pieces of potatoes. The taste? YUM.. I love it.. It's also quite cheesy, which is a super positive plus point..
American BBQ Pizza (52K). In a way, I like this better than the Australian one. There's something about the tomato BBQ sauce that made me crave for more. In terms of presentation, this one is less attractive. They only give you two pastrami and two hams. But again, the sauce itself is a flavorful explosion..  

Penne Pollo Al Fredo Creama (37K). My friend ordered this so I only had a bite. Definitely better than Pizza Hut's bland pasta.  This one has a creamy fragrant, served with pieces of chicken.. 
The funny and unique thing about Pidza Inc. is that they have choices of Pizza with international flavors. From Indian curry pizza to oriental pasta, their menu is filled with diverse flavor from all over the world. I didn't take a picture of the menu because at first, I thought we were only getting a quick bite. But after tasting their pizza, I changed my mind and decided to write a good review about this place. Oh, and when I stepped inside, the first thing I noticed was the smell of cheese filling the whole place! As a cheese lover, I am loving it.. 

I definitely am going to go back to try their other pizzas. Am quite curious for their Indian Pizzas.. To sum up, I do recommend this place for all of you thin crust pizza lovers.. Be adventurous with your choices and order something unusual from your daily preference.. 

Oh, it's not new information that Pluit PIK area is the nest of Indonesian Chinese, especially Medanese.. 
Medanlang Pizza.. LOL.. We were laughing to ourselves when we saw this on the board.. Medanlang means medanese in hokkien. Good game to step it up, Pidza Inc.. Good game indeed..

Pidza Inc.
Ruko Cordoba Blok E No.6
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Twitter : @PidzaInc
Facebook : PidzaInc Jakarta