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Saturday, 28 April 2012

the sweet, the yummy, the goods

Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting

Dark Chocolate Rum Cake with cashew cookies

The rest of the fresh made cakes! The one on the left is the lemon poppy seeds

Easter Chocolatessss

Cute, right?

Yes, you can have 'em.. You can have 'em all..

If you're craving for something sweet, yes, I suggest you go to this place.. The Baked Goods! click HERE to go to their web and find out their location..

I visited this place a few weeks ago, but haven't got the time to blog about it.. Interesting fact, besides the yummy desserts you can have here, it turns out the owner of the baked goods is....

The famous... The handsome... ERWIN PARENGKUAN...

's wife.. Yep.. the owner of the baked goods is his beautiful wife, Jana..

Pretty and knows how to bake! The perfect housewife!
The best thing in the baked goods is actually the traditional Czech desserts like Pavlova and Bublanina, which recipes was inherited by her Czech grandma.. The quality is top notch. They really made it fresh with original ingredients, so now essential flavorings.. In the interview I found, she said she squeezed her own lemons to make the lemon poppy seed cake.. 

I also ordered the fruit cake, but before I had the chance to snap the picture, it was attacked by my mom and one of her friend, as it was the healthiest thing we ordered on that night.. -____- They were all like scared of touching the chocolate. But they had a bite and I could see the regret expression from them tasting that bite. They have to finish the healthy cakes while I got to treasure my dark chocolate rum.. *EVIL LAUGH*. My big sis had the carrot cake..It's very light and yummy! Also my favorite.. 

They serve other things like quiche, hampers, cookies, etc.. Since it was Easter, they still have all the Easter chocolates 

YUMMY YUMMY YUM.. Recommended for a sweet escape!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Monday Laughs

My college friends and I, we spend a lot of time in the campus but barely outside the campus. Since we have an off day on every Tuesday, we decided to hang out on every Monday night.. The other reason is to avoid traffic and fully booked seats..

We headed off to Kemang, not knowing what to eat.. so we just crashed into the first thing we saw, which was MIYA8I SUSHI.(we have also been craving to eat sushi from days before it, but couldn't get any). Follow their twitter @SUSHI_MIYA8I 

I couldn't take pics of the sushi we ordered cause my samsung note ran out of battery. This was taken with Ano's samsung galtab.. The sushi on the left side used spicy mayo with the crunch sprinkled all over it.. The right side is baked tuna with mayo.. I didn't have the picture of another sushi we ordered

Dessert! What's life without a little bit of sweetness?
MIYA8I Sirloin steak with mushroom black pepper sauce. The steaks are surprisingly yummy for quite a low price. I was shocked that even though it didn't look like much, but the meat was so tender and the sauce was yummy, that today, which is Thursday, Ano and I crave for it!
This is the local tenderloin for 39k, the imported one is around 40k if I'm not mistaken..ALSO YUMMY
Then we headed off to Casa, above aksara kemang... We were just looking for a place with air conditioner cause it was bloody hot.. Since it was a Monday, the place was sooo empty compared to the weekends.. Anyway, Lidia and Kevin decided they were gonna order martinis.. while Ano and I, well, we prefer to go with the virgins..

Casa's all time favorites
Sherman posing a pose
Casa Strawberry and Lychee martini
My virgin mojito.. Tasted like colgate, in a good way
Baba the wise

Casa cocktail book.. I think it's adorable they have a separate menu just for cocktails..very detailed indeed

Kevin was really thinking what to order

 Each of us has a reason to go out on that day. We all have our personal problems and we shared it with each other. Somehow, the things that you think are sooo bad in your life, could turn out to be quite funny when you share it with the right people.. Instead of feeling sad, I went home feeling contented with my life, including with whatever things that are in my life, good or bad.. When I share my problems with them, somehow it turned out funny.

We laughed to it, we laughed about it, we laughed for it..

So yeah, that phrase when they say, when you share your sadness it will be lessen, and when you share your happiness it will be multiplied.. I think that's totally true.. well, if you have the right people to share it with..

In another ten years, there's no guarantee that we still going to hang out with one another, but I sure feel glad I met these people in my life right now.. :)

Monday, 16 April 2012

Brunch is for ladies

NARCISSISM.. Cause that's how we like it.. 

Okay.. enough with the self pics.. So last Sunday, my siblings and I headed to Cazbar for brucnh. Yes, it's a bar, but they also serve breakfast, lunch, dinner.. And at night, BAM, it's a bar.. They also have a sports bar upstairs with pool tables and darts, etc. So technically, it's an all in one place. My big sis, Elisse, was like craving for brunch and some place new. So there we at.. Click HERE to go to their web.. They have the menu in their website..

When you walk inside the place, you'll see...

Cazbar Mega Kuningan bar view.. 

Yep, that's the main entrance.. and look what they got there..

Yes, it's a beer pong!!

The place was quiet just like how we expected. There was only the three of us and two friendly waitresses..We didn't order anything fancy, just humble breakfast dishes..

Cazbar Cappuccino 

Now now, this is embarrassing.. This was what Elva ordered and I completely forgot the name of the dish. All I know, it's mashed with sour cream, just like how the Germans like it. The sausage was okay.. 

Steak and Eggs.. Yes, the steak is very small indeed, but it's yummy. I think they marinated it very well, so it doesn't really matter that it's too dry, it's still good. Oh The sauteed mushrooms are TOP NOTCH.. They use onions and bay leaves to make it fragrant.. Surprisingly, I couldn't finish it. I EAT A LOT, and even though this looks very pretentiously little, I can't finish the whole thing.. I left the hash and egg yolks..

English Breakfast.. Gotta love the sausages, bacon, grilled tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, hash browns, baked beans and scrambled.. Classic.

The staffs are very FRIENDLY.. They dressed up very casually, just shorts and tank tops with sandals.. One of them was listening to ipod when taking our orders.. lol.. I know it sounded very unprofessional, but I think it matches the bar theme. It just wouldn't fit in very well if the ladies there wear formal uptight uniform. They even chatted with us and asked for our opinions on the food, making interactions when they know they can leave us alone at our business. Sometimes I do think the staffs attitude towards customers is crucial indeed. Since many foreigners visit Cazbar, they speak English quite fluently.. I was left with a very good impression about the place and the people there..

The food was yummy. We didn't order much cause the point of going there was only to eat some breakfast and we just can't eat much in the morning.. I recommend this place to you all who are looking for a quiet place to eat breakfast. Those who are looking for a new place to drink, then this is definitely the place for you! The first story is quite small but still spacious and they have another room beside the bar.. I didn't go up to the second story so I don't know how the sports bar looks like..

Sunday, 15 April 2012

it's Porterhouse

Yes, I've been eye-ing on this place before it was opened. They put a big screen with the opening count down and I know it's a part of the marketing strategy but I was one among those who felt utterly self-exciting for the countdown. Even though I wasn't sure what kinda place it's gonna be..

One of my friends have tried it before, and every night, this place is packed. So last Saturday noon, I was in the neighborhood and decided to eat in here..

Before we move on, let me just give the facebook page of Porterhouse for more info.. Click HERE

First of all, this place reminded me A LOT of Bali. It is half outdoor and indoor. They open all the doors so basically you can feel the outside weather... The second story of Porterhouse is not that spacious but it has a special table for those that come in a number of groups..

As usual, picture time.. I managed to snap a few pictures from my Samsung Note.. Here it is..

 Outside space of Porterhouse PIK.. Cute indeed, Bali ambiance indeed.

 If you're going to the second story of the restaurant, you'll come across this. I found it very funny..

All wood interior  

One of the types of 
seating upstairs.. I just sat in the ordinary wood chairs..

This is the view of the 1st level from the second story of the restaurant..To be exact, this is the middle of the whole place...

P o r t e r h o u s e 

My view from my side of the table
Moving on to the food..

As usual, Ivan ordered watermelon juice with no sugar. While I ordered the lemon tea. See the white thingy on my lemon tea, it's lemon sorbet.. Yummy .. But still, Social House's classic grandma lemon tea is the best..

Javanese Shrimp Cocktail.. Very scrumptious. But too salty!

Ivan ordered the risotto. This one is seafood. It was ordinary.. but still Okay..

I ordered the Norwegian Grilled Salmon. I gotta admit this is very delicious. What I like the most bout this dish is the combination of the salty mashed which was placed below the fish, and the sweet sauce on top of the fish. Second, I don't know if they didn't think it through, but placing the mashed all over the plate like this is GENIUS! Every bite I got a mixture of savory and sweetness.. Pure Yumminess! *okay I just made that word up*

I'll definitely come back for more food. The place is way beyond decent, the concept is there. The drinks are plenty since it's also a bar. They have quite a selection of wines. All I can say to Porterhouse is KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I do recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a place to hang or even have a nice meal or just a drink or two.. Yum yum yumm..