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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Royal Weekend Indulgence: Taking Brunch to the Next Level - Bengawan, Keraton at the Plaza

It is no new news that the extent of Indonesia's middle class community keeps expanding. This fact sustained with the culture of the West has both played a significant role in changing the course of our people's minds. Splurging oneself, after (of course) an extensive period of hard work, with fine luxuries has been a slow but steady current of lifestyle changes in everyday social life. Food, apparently, has become one of the most attainable target in catching a fracture of the living large. Moreover, it also plays an unwitting part to upgrade one's social status. Mind the habit of uploading a picture of your food before actually eating it? 

To change or not to change, Keraton at The Plaza - a Luxury Collection Hotel astutely understands this emerging development. Tackling a lavish rampage for the Jakartans, they have offered a weekend indulgence for the brunch junkie (read: Elvina). Serving a luxurious fine range of Foie Gras, Sturia Caviar, and Salmon Roe, it is definitely one of the most prestigious brunch buffet I have ever had. Accompanied with three Chef's specialties live stations, they also have segmented Western, Indonesian and Asian corners for bringing the finest epicurean journey!

Located on the seventh floor, Bengawan Restaurant has a contemporary tropical face with the citywide view of Jakarta. Bengawan, a translation of river in Javanese dialect, incorporates the literal element of river in its interior, a beautiful spectrum of greens and a decorative mini pool.

Once only serving a Sunday buffet brunch, now they have extended it to Saturdays from 12 pm - 3 pm.  
Price list :
IDR 995.000++ per pax, with unlimited alcoholic drinks of wine, cocktails and Billecart-Salmon Champagne 
IDR 495.000++ per pax, with unlimited serving of non-alcoholic beverages
IDR 248.000++ for children of 5 to 12 years-old 
(Prices are subject to 21% service charge and government tax)

Pictures below were obliged to explain the intricate question marks of the price list ;p 

Keraton's Signature Lychee and Mixed Berries Tea
Fresh Seafood Station, includes jumbo prawns, French oysters, Alaskan king crab, Japanese mussels, sashimi,  and  several types of sushi
Slurpppp in those fresh oysters!
Japanese mussels, Salmon roe and Tobiko
Grill Station, with a range of poultry, seafood, lamb and beef selections. Also available by order, kobe and wagyu beef.
Lobsters and jumbo prawns.. The best part was that it's an all-you-can-eat!
Cold Appetizers corner, including canapes, salad stations, flavored yogurts and milk. Behind was the Indonesian food corner, presented in clay pots.  
Pasta station with complete choices of regular pastas and fresh pastas, for instance, ravioli and risotto 
Intoxicating Sop Buntut - a must have in Indonesia's culinary treasures!
Nasi Keraton - a mimic of nasi kucing (a small portioned dish of rice with simple  veggies and condiments) and Tempe mendoan

A few things that I took from the cold appetizer corner : gazpacho, chickpea salad, guacamole, smoked cod, smoked salmon (too salty that one was), and one of the assorted canapes
Pan fried foei gras with pan seared bun, red wine reduction sauce, caramelized shallot and apple jam. My highlight of that day : the soft and smooth fragile foei gras... I was definitely in cloud nine!
Cheese station with a selective range of cheddar, gouda, emmental, blue cheese, brie, and manchego
Dessert bar : The cherry on top for the perfect indulging cease!
I personally get what Keraton has to offer. The experience has donated an expensive delight for my pride. That fracture of a high end glimpse has not just been lively exhibited but also serve a purpose to interpret the extravagant reward of one's uphill struggle. It is the ultimate compact one stop get away for those who might dine in there everyday or merely, just for once in a blue moon visitors. Thank you @KeratonJakarta for letting us have a premium wonderful experience.

More seductive photos of Royal Weekend Indulgence will be uploaded in my Instagram account. Stay tune!
Bengawan at Keraton at The Plaza
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 15, Jakarta
Phone: 021 - 5068 0000

Friday, 4 October 2013

raSa: Intercontinental's Over Indulgence for Gluttoners

Change is somewhat better when it comes to several cases. Rasa restaurant is one of the ideal existing example. As it was once named Java,which was also the buffet restaurant in Intercontinental Hotel, the thorough transformation has completely conjure its facade.

Emerging with a rather masculine look, the inside is dominated with minimalist wooden interiors. The alluring patterned wood carvings on the wall contribute an elegant and sophisticated overall touch. Divided into different sections of international cuisines, it is very easy to feast your lusty eyes on each open-kitchen station. I, for starters, took a round of walk scouting the entire place before deciding which station would worth my visit.

The main stars of the show:
Rasa restaurant has cleverly arranged a good flow for the incoming hungry customers. In the middle area, there is a big squared open kitchen with choices of stations that consist of salad, noodle, fresh seafood, sushi and dessert stations. All put next in sequential orders, suitably paired with one another. On the sides, they have Asian, Western and Soup stations. And on the outside, just next to the pool, they have a barbecue station.

They are generous with the bread selections. I love how they always present two kinds of soup, each embedded with the east and west influences.

Choices of cold fresh seafood. It is located next to the sushi station.
Talking about boring salad display with individual containers, Rasa has definitely erased that typical  look. Different types of greens are arranged together, giving you the feel of being in a traditional market. I have to say that the vibrant colorful presentation has put a spell on me for eating more veggies.  
Seafood choices for the outdoor BBQ. As you can see, they are not petite with the quality! 
Selections of satay, still from the BBQ station
The dessert bar, which goes wider than this picture. Indulge yourself with selections of freshly made dairy products, cakes, traditional desserts, and of course, fondue!
The word Rasa, which means 'flavor' in Indonesian, clearly has an altered motive than just being picked randomly as the name for this new buffet outlet. One of the highlights of Rasa is that for a certain period of each month, they will bring different International flavors as the main promotion. Last month, Rasa has organized 'a Taste of Vietnam'. Not only bringing the authentic flavors of Vietnam, they committed serious service by flying in two Vietnamese chefs from Intercontinental Saigon.

Different types of cold Vietnamese Salad. Really bold and fresh in flavors. They were definitely one of my favorites in last month's promo
Heart-warming pho noodles, with clear chicken and beef stalk to fulfill your palates.
Last but not least, the full-spirited engagement of the staffs in supporting the monthly themed promo is definitely worth two thumbs up.

Rasa Restaurant
Intercontinental Hotel
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav, 10-11
Jakarta Selatan, 10220
(021) 2510888

P.S: It is better to make prior call to confirm the price and the present promotion of Rasa.