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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Birthday Dinners

It's February and it's Febriani's month! Yes, I can say it's my month! I have lived for 21 years on Earth!

Yesterday I invited my bestest friends to eat dinner at Cahaya Lestari in Mangga Besar.
Address : Gedung Apotek Roxy, Jl. Mangga Besar Raya no 87, Jakarta Barat
Phone  : 021-6264320

 It's been there since 1960, so what can possibly go wrong with legendary recipes? I usually go there to eat dinner with my family, but since we're growing up and I've considered them as family, plus I always feel that it's very intimate to eat Chinese dishes in an authentic Chinese restaurant with your loved ones, that's why I choose this place for my birthday dinner celebration. Besides, they have the best sop ikan gurame EVER!

Without further ado, let me just introduce you with yummy Chinese Hakka dishes.. Jreng jreng jrengggggg (btw, I forgot to take my SLR camera, so I used will's Iphone to snap the pics)

Steamed chicken with soy sauce, sesame oil, fried garlic and ginger.. 

Saklon sayur asin.. Frog lovers

Mi goreng Mo Yan.. Gotta eat noodles for birthdays

PoCai with three types of eggs

Beef Kailan

Chinese Pork Steak

The show stopper, Sop ikan gurame.. AHHHH it's just so delicious. I can eat this alone for a month!

The food is simply a TOP-notch! No need to question it any further. The ambiance of the restaurant is a typical Chinese restaurant, where everyone is just too busy minding their own business. This restaurant is definitely one of my most favorite Chinese restaurant in Jakarta. There's no other place that serve Sop Ikan Gurame as good as this place..

After wiping the plate clean, we headed to Kafe Pisa in Menteng to have our desserts.. Most of us just eat one or two scoops of their ice cream.

The choices of their ice cream

I ordered this, the bottom is oreo ice cream and the blue one is Azzuro flavor, then poured with hot chocolate syrup at the bottom, topped with whipped cream and cherry with the fancy ornaments

Ivan ordered the apple strudel, claiming that he's not full yet

It's five scoops of ice cream, ordered by Andreas.. In the middle is the blueberry one, but the whipped cream covered its existence.


What more could I ask for?

It was a fun, tummy-filling, one hell of a crazy night. On the way home, I was too tired and even fell asleep for a while.

Turning 21 made me realized that I've grown up and I changed a lot. I just wish for the best to my loved ones. As their existence has given me with loads of happiness, I can never ask for more. All I'm asking is for them to be blessed in return and may we all be friends forever.. :)