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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Outback Steakhouse : Meat Savages!

Alert to all the meat lovers, the protein diet folks, or maybe just the ordinary omnivores, this post might drive you into a zombie drooling mode. Last Saturday, I was (over) indulged with quite an amount of what I would call a 'meaty om nom nom'. Yes, Outback Steakhouse is definitely the place to visit when one is in deep cravings for meat!

I remember the first time ordering myself a steak when I was 7 years old. I didn't know a thing about steak and randomly ordered for a medium one. My mother can never handle to see the red bloody juice oozing out of the meat and she called me a savage for eating them (with no hesitation of course). From that moment on, well, let's just say, I would never order a well done steak.

The thing about finding the right steakhouse is the problem of whether they can cook the meat up to your expectation (aside from the quality of the meat itself). I found many have failed to brought up their bar to my satisfaction. Now, the thing about a good steak is that they need no sauce to make it perfect. The aroma from the meat should be able to captivate all of your senses, from your smelling to tasting senses. The natural juices should be enough to moisten up the whole meal.

Enough with the steak talking, now is the time for some drooling..

The place has a laid back ambiance with wooden interior. I say it looks like a rather old fashioned diner with a Down Under feeling. It fits for a family day out..
The drinks
Virgin Mojito and Peach Mojito (33k). Nothing can go wrong with sweet minty soda. 
Left to right (33k) - Mango Spritzer, Orange Squash, Cherry Limeade. They were all very refreshing. Almost all of the nonalcoholic drinks contain soda. 
The appetizers

Kookaburra Wings (79k). It was beautifully seasoned. It has a crunchy outer layer. Perfect perfect perfect...
Crispy Fried Mushroom (69k). I am a huge fan of all types of mushroom. The fried ones are the best.. Again, it was a satisfying appetizer. Definitely will build up your appetite before the main course. 
While waiting for our orders, we were given the permission to go inside the kitchen.. I happened to snap a few pictures of the meat in process.. 

The kitchen
The smell was amazing. Seeing this amazing view was just WOW.. more drooling to come
Look at that thick meat.. I couldn't wait no more..
Aussie Cheese Fries in the making.. Generous portions of cheese.. Melted to perfection..
The Main Stars..
Baby Back Ribs (full 14 oz. 340k, half 7 oz. 180k). The outer layer of the baby back was too smoky. However, the inside has perfectly sealed the aroma and it was really tender. The scent was intoxicating. It was generously coated with a sweet BBQ sauce..
Alice Springs Chicken (126k). Grilled chicken breast topped with sauteed mushrooms and bacon with melted Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese. Also very yummy, but I found it too cheesy.. 
New York Strip (250k). It was perfectly seasoned with their secret 17 seasoning blend. However, it came out a bit well done and has turned a bit chewy. 
The most favorite star of the show.Toowoomba Topped Fillet (330k). A thick fillet topped with tomato cream sauce with sauteed button mushrooms and shrimps. I was given a cut and oh my dear God, it literally melted in my mouth. All of the ingredients combined in a whole new kind of perfection. The meat aroma was strong enough to compete with the sauce. They managed to grill this baby to just the right amount of medium. I love this one the most.. 
Victoria's Fillet (300k). It is no Victoria's secret though.. I didn't have the chance to try this one. But from the juices oozing out, it drools me enough..
Prime rib (8 oz. 230k, 10 oz. 260k). The smokey aroma was perfectly sealed inside this baby. The 'fall off the bone' meat was very tender indeed.. I actually like the prime rib better than the baby back..
The desserts
Chocolate Thunder from Down Under (69k). A chocolate brownie cake topped with vanilla ice cream and yet another chocolate sunday sauce, with a scoop of whipped cream. For all the sweet tooth out there, this is it!
Banana Nut Cake (55k). Moist banana cake with just the right hint of everything. Again, topped with vanilla ice cream and a scoop of whipped cream. Oh also, a bit of caramel and chocolate sauce, simply because enough is not enough. lol.. I like this one better than the chocolate thunder (which I think is very sweet). 
Let me just zoom that in for you..
It was one of those days when I left the place with a happy satisfied smile and a bulged out tummy. From all of the meat business inside, I was one happy customer. Outback Steakhouse has really got it. The seasonings are bold, the quality is top notch, and the choice varies. It has definitely bring up the bar to complete people's expectations.. 

Outback Steakhouse (Kuningan City)
Mall Kuningan City, G FI Unit 28
Jl.Prof.Dr.Satrio Kav.8, Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan
Twitter : @OutbackIN
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/OutbackSteakhouseIN
Website : http://www.outbacksea.com/id


  1. What a nice review El! Wish I was there..

  2. Seriously droolworthy and what's great about Outback Steakhouse is they offer freebies very often. I just shared on my blog about their another upcoming free offer. I hope you or your readers might be able to avail this free food if ever you visit on that day.

  3. :) pake voucher yach? kayanya pas banget sama voucher yg dari groupon

    abis beli voucher neh... apa yah yg recommended di sana? soalnya harganya agak menyeramkan..

  4. bukan kok.. ini lagi ada acara food blogger..