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Monday, 14 January 2013

Fook me? No, FOOK YEW!

Don't look at me, I am just quoting one of the pictures hanged on the wall...

Fook Yew, the sound of the words itself may raise some eye brows.. Yes people, it is another Ismaya's established venue, serving (for the first time) Chinese food. Last weekend, I got the chance to eat there. After tremendous long hours of traffic, I was starving and I have been craving (very badly) for sheng jian bao. Apparently, Fook Yew is the only existing place I know that serves sheng jian bao, a delicious Shanghai savory light bites. 

I can't say I am disappointed with Fook Yew. Not only it was able to redeem my desired longing to go back to Shanghai, it serves great delicious Chinese food. Unlike some of Ismaya's other venues (which only concentrated mostly on the concept, but not the food), I can, for sure, say it loud and clear that I LOVE FOOK YEW

The retro rustic oriental touches with pop art paintings filling the walls, a very highly planned interior that can catch the image of a traditional, yet modern, street hawker style version of China. The menu itself is cute! For a halal restaurant serving Chinese food, I am quite satisfied by the dishes I ordered that day.. 

Bubble tea menu is so cute. Parents say don't play with your food. Well, nobody says you can't play with the menu.. I didn't order any bubble tea drinks that day. I have consumed too many bubble drinks, I am in the edge of getting sick of it..  
I was mesmerized by these red bird cage lamps.. GENIUS!
Pop art retro touches.. 
Chinese tea. They have variety of choices. This one was jasmine, my favorite Chinese tea (12k)
Xiao Long Bao (48k). They have chili, original, black sesame, cheese, tom yum and garlic flavor.. All XLB uses chicken meat. It was perfect for a cold rainy day.. 
SHENG JIAN BAO (29K). This one was chicken prawn sheng jian bao. For me, the beneath part wasn't crispy enough. As you can see from this picture, it has not showed any signs of crispiness. But I had been craving for these little babies since months ago and this one was pretty awesome..  The most thing that I like about sheng jian baos, they are very juicy, but not in the same way as runny juicy from xiao long bao.. 
XO Fried Rice (42k). I like this one too. Very fragrant. A hint of spiciness to complete the overall XO flavor.. The bowl was very big that it seemed they only gave us very little rice. But it was good.. So, no complaining.. 
The empty big bowl and a very satisfied me. If the place wasn't that far from my house, I would definitely make this place as my where-to-go destination and pay a regular visit. 

Gandaria City, Main Street Ground Floor
Jl. KH. M. Syafii Hadzami No. 8
Kebayoran Lama
Phone : 021 - 2900 7897

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