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Friday, 14 October 2011

Symbolism, a toad sprang out of her mouth..

As a literature student, I tend to read many classic tales. This morning I read one of Grimm's fairy tales which was titled "The Three Little Men in the Wood". I was amazed by how the Grimm Brothers were able to put so many symbolism elements.

Here is one of my favorite line which I read this morning :
"A toad sprang out of her mouth at each word, so that everyone who came near her was quite disgusted."
This line was referred to a girl who is hateful and really mean in all kinds of way. I personally think what Brother Grimms really meant by the toad was actually the hatred or resentfulness the girl blurted out every time she had the chance.

In reality, in fact, in the present days, I still encounter with these kinds of people. They only spread hatred towards others without having a logical reason in the first place. I feel wary and uncomfortable to be around these people as I have no interest in spreading negative energy, which I think is very tiring. If that person keeps spreading hatred, eventually people will resent from being near her due to her words. Just like the toads coming out from the maiden's mouth, it makes other people disgusted. Oh my God, you can't imagine just how much I can relate this symbolism to these kinds of people that I presently know.

Yeah, I'm disgusted by people who only blurt out hatred. For what reason do you think I'm interested? Can't we just live happily without even bothering them if you hate them in the first place? Why do you care so much for what they're doing or having if you hate them so much in the first place? Aren't you tired of only finding their flaws? Do you think you're the most perfect human being that they are so flawed?

GODDDDD... these kinds of people should have an epiphany or some kind of enlightenment I guess.. I'm just sooooo not interested in hearing hatred or prejudice to other people, that some I even may not know at all..

Don't you realize, when you're talking bad or holding a prejudice towards others and you keep telling your closed ones how much you hate them, you are only making your closed ones suffer and wary of hearing your complaints. In the end, they will ignore or even avoid you..

I don't mean we cannot hate people. We are, in fact, still human and we are capable of holding hatred towards others. But can't you subside these feelings? There are more important positive things you can focus on. It's tiring to have so much hatred, you know..

Lesson of the day : don't make yourself disgusting due to non-logical prejudice towards random people.. cause if you do, seriously, you are disgusting..
spread some love, people! *reebek*

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