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Friday, 5 April 2013

the LAB ScienTEAs : Learning the Boba chemistry!

It is nothing new if I tell you that there is another bubble tea tenant in Pantai Indah Kapuk. From all the bubble tea tenants lining through out the whole PIK area, the LAB has been one of the tenants that emerged with a one-of-a-kind concept and literally sticks to it. From the interior to the uniform of the staffs, you can easily find yourself in a scientific industrial atmosphere where your bubble tea is formulated by a "ScienTEAs" (not a scientist though).

Enter the 1st Floor...

Bubble Tea menu

The lab coats worn by the staffs. The blue surgeon uniform underneath the coat is only worn by the "scienTEAs" who are responsible in formulating the drinks inside their little mixing lab.

As you can see from the pictures above, they really pay attention to the little details. They are able to design the whole area with real scientific appliances and managed to remain attractive (pardon my prejudice to the subject of chemistry or science, it's personal).

Enter the 2nd Floor...

Cute and smart on how they designed a cup holder for each chair.. 
Loyal customers..
A slight warning on the hazardous chemicals
Those are real test tubes on the ceiling..

The second floor is definitely brighter compared to the first floor. Unlike the industrial feel you'll get from down below, this level has more an urban touch to it.. In a way, it's almost cute, but they still managed to attach one or two of a few things to remain true to their concept..

Enter the drinks.. and later the food..

wild berry tea as a welcome drink on a real pyrex test tube.. Nothing alcoholic (relating to the appearance of this drink)
They have various flavors for their poppings. This one was mango flavored. Not too sweet which  I think is perfect.
Trying out their strawberry boba with a lychee yogurt tea.. Even their cups are different from the other normal ones. Trying to imitate a big test tube. You  might not be able to see this, but they have embedded measurements and their brand on each cup.
On the drinks  (20k - 30k) : I usually go with the aloe vera on normal occasions..
My first cup was pomegranate yogurt tea with small boba. I forget to ask for less sugar, so it came out to a what I think of an over sweet drink. I also didn't like the smell of artificial syrup on this drink. The small boba was perfect though.. 

My second cup was the lychee yogurt with strawberry boba. Well, this one I like. It's a perfect balance between the sour and the sweet. They claimed to be the only bubble tea tenant that has flavorings on their boba. From strawberry to pandan flavors, they give you a variety of choices for alternative preference. I also noticed that their popping has a wider selection of flavors compared to other bubble tea stores. 

The hazelnut milk tea was also satisfying. The milk is strong enough to compete with the hint of hazelnut. I like it.. I like it all..! And now I am left perplexed in choosing which one is my favorite.

I have tried their marshmallow milk on previous visit. I love love love it. It was fragrant enough and perfect for a before-to-sleep drink. I just wish they offer the warm version.

FYI, they also serve alcoholic bubble drinks.. 

Mani Moggo (120k). A sharing plate of japchae, kani salad, butter bap, soondogu kimchi jigae, paseutta jjajang, and tang soo yook. This portion was only for the purpose of the food tasting event.

Fried enoki
Soondogu Kimchi Jigae
Japchae in a beaker.. 
On the food :
Following the notable trends of K-pop, the LAB has decided to go Korean fusion for their food. On this event, I was given the chance to try out their Mani Moggo set.

The verdict : Even though it's a bit out of place from their concept, they were able to serve decent Korean food. I love how fragrant the japchae was. The chicken itself has thick fried batter with a dry coating of a red sour sauce. The sauce is definitely different from the other Korean chicken I have tasted.
To sum it all up, the set itself offers you with sweet savory flavors brought by the different dishes. It also has different textures from each distinctive items. I really enjoyed the Korean platter.

I have to give credit for the concept of the LAB and their selections of toppings. So far, I found them to be the one who offers you with wider selections of different toppings. I think they got what it takes to compete with the other dozen of bubble tea tenants on PIK. I wish the LAB an abundance of success and great luck on the future. Keep up your "scienTEAfic" work!

the LAB
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok D, no. 29
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
twitter : theLAB_ID
instagram : thelab_id

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