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Monday, 11 March 2013

Lekker Bekker : Savory and Sweet

I always believe that we will naturally group up with people who share a common something with us. A common job/activity, habit/hobby, belief/perspective. My in-group of college friends is a living example. Not only we shared the same classes for 7 semesters, but we also share the same admiration, curiosity and taste in food (just to name a few). Let me walk you through as you read the following few words..

A common habit...
So there we were, walking randomly from one corner to the other corner of the mall. Another common thing that we share, the fact that we are willing to (burn calories) take the time considering a few places (by weighing the potential factors of atmosphere, setting, price range, and the future of the expected meal itself) before actually dining in one.

We stumbled upon this cute corner with feminine warm touches interior. It's a vintage homey restaurant which serves classic infused Dutch delicacies.

Feminine touches all over to appeal that homey atmosphere

All of the menu was written in Dutch with English explanation below.

For starters, I ordered Bruinebonen Soep (24,5k). The broth is made from brown beans, onions. They gave generous chunks of beef and sausages inside the soup. It accentuates that warmth you get from eating a home cooked meal. Very simple, very Dutch, very comforting. However, I am not a fan of the instant sausages inside my bowl of soup.
Bitter Ballen (22,5k). Fried little Holland meat ragout served with mustard pickles. They simply complete my expectation of a good bitter ballen. Crunchy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside. Four is a small number and for me, four is not enough!
Galantine (38,5k) It is fried minced chicken and beef in tomato sauce with onions. Again, it's yummy but for 38,5k, I think they are too stingy with their portion. Simply not enough!
A famous Dutch delicacy, Steak Lidah (38,5k). It is beef tongue served with sweet salty brown sauce. Perfectly balanced. The tongue itself is very tender, but the slices are too thin. It's almost paper-like and I once again, think that it's overpriced.
Steak Balls (38,5k). My least favorite out of all what we ordered. The meatballs are made from tenderloin beef and cooked with their special sauce. I found the meatballs too dry and too firm. They need to put a bit more lard or maybe mix it with breadcrumbs to make it more tender, juicier and richer in flavor. The sauce is too sweet for my taste, I personally think they don't match and again, too pricey.
A common rule (in food)...
My friends and I gave the same comment after we finished our meals. With that little of a portion, we all think the menu is simply overpriced. We came out with quite satisfied taste buds but the unsatisfied tummy tagged along. The fact that the four of us shared a common opinion on the food's taste made me realized we also shared the same standardization on eating portions. We came from different backgrounds and have different personalities, but in the end we all naturally assemble ourselves due to our mutual taste and mutual preference. 

My companions for the day. Okay, Kevin is way too grumpy in this picture.
Hah, a slightly smiling Kevin! Way better, Kevin.. Way better.. 
Lekker Bekker
Summarecon Mall Serpong 2
2nd Floor #219

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