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Friday, 15 March 2013

Brunch at BLD (Breakfast Lunch Dinner)

Have I told you that brunch is my favorite meal of the day? It is that time of day when it is not too early to have something heavy and is not too late to have something light (both in food and thoughts). It is the ultra meal that somehow makes me feel good about myself for the rest of the day. A single cup of hot cappuccino, a single companion to converse with, and an 11 a.m to start the day. A single perfection combo of an all in one.

Considering the name of BLD (Breakfast Lunch Dinner), it seems to be the perfect place to get myself a beautiful brunch. Once I step in from the lobby entrance, I could see a long hallway with a wall of windows on one side which gives natural lighting to the whole place. The interior reflects a beautiful urban vintage setting. I was seated in one of the tables in the hallway since there was a party in the upper side of the restaurant. The old wooden floor really vibrates whenever someone walked by and at times I even have to hold my cup of cappuccino to make sure it didn't spill. In daylight, this part of the restaurant is far more beautiful in a simple kind of way compared to the upper side of the restaurant. I didn't mind one bit (well, except that it is the smoking area *cough cough*)

Since we were in a brunch mood, both of us ordered the breakfast menu. Me for the classic American Breakfast and a hot cappuccino, while he had the pork eggs Benedict and a freshly squeezed orange juice. It was a good start to start the day. A perfect cup of thick foamy cappuccino and a sweet sour orange juice. So far everything was just perfect..

Hot Cappuccino (23k)

Fresh Orange Juice (28k)
It took quite a while for us to wait for the food. Maybe it was due to the private party, but for a breakfast meal, yes, I considered it quite long to have our food on the table. Fortunately, my companion and I lost ourselves in our own world, engaging in myriad scopes of topics. We have a good laugh from silly things and put ourselves into deep thinking for a more serious matter of business. About 30 minutes later, my classic American breakfast finally showed up.

American Breakfast (48k)
I was disappointed when the waiter put the plate in front of me. It wasn't the breakfast set that I have expected. In the menu, they said 'two eggs (any style), a sausage, toast, bacon and a homemade hash brown'. Here are the verdicts : The sausage was way too dry, it was almost rubber-like and it was so hard to cut or even bite it straight from my mouth. The toast was basically just bread, it was not toasted whatsoever. The hash brown was definitely an instant one, not homemade. And the omelette.. was just sad... The only thing that was warm on the plate was the hash brown. Even the omelette was kind of cold. I seriously think that this dish is overpriced, considering the quality, the taste, and the ingredients. There was nothing special to it and  they took 30 minutes to get this whole plate served. No wonder everything was so cold..

Dry sausage! 
Startled with my not so pleasing complains, my dear friend finally realized that it was the time to step back into the real world. Afraid of having the same unfortunate encountering, he asked to cancel his order. He thought that it was way too long to wait for an egg benedict that there must be something wrong with it.  About 5 minutes later, he knew that it was inevitable to avoid such a catastrophe. 

Pork Egg Benedict (53k)
Fat Fat pork belly
It was slightly below an okay dish. The hollandaise sauce tasted like runny mustard. There were merely any meat in the pork belly. Good thing that he liked it all fatty. I just tried a spoonful bite and decided that I had enough. The brown sauce coating the pork belly was actually quite good. The pork belly itself was well infused with the sweet savory brown sauce. A plus point for the dish. However, I once again had a problem with the toast. Why called it a toast in the menu if they don't toast it at all?

It was my first time trying BLD and may I say that I am not too delighted with the whole experience. Maybe the private party in the upper floor was the main cause of the whole tragedy. I once again rethink about the main reason why I came to this place. It was simply because of the name of the restaurant. To have the guts to call themselves Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, I thought that they must have really specializes in those three aspects. Well, I am sorry to say that they surely don't specialize in breakfast. For the time being, I don't think I want to go back there to try their lunch or dinner dishes.

PX Pavilion, St. Moritz level GF-6E
Jl. Puri Indah Raya, Jakarta
Phone : (021) 58358582
Website : http://www.bldjakarta.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bldjakarta
Twitter : https://twitter.com/bldjakarta


  1. The benedict egg: I think the white part is too messy for the menu to be called as an egg benedict. Looks like a-failed-attempt of making an egg benedict and yet they cover it up by the sauce.

    1. Have to agree with you.

      My condolences Elvina that you have to go through such a massacre on your dining table. But you saved me from an unnecessary trip. You're a hero! =p

  2. yes, it was quite a traumatic brunch *sigh*.. When I saw the breakfast set, i thought "dang, these people were either lazy or just trying to get the easy way out".. Prawnche had their dinner menu and he said it was fine though..

  3. the vanilla wafer tango looks miserable.

  4. They should come with a much better presentation. You know I am stuck on giving food for the fish, where do you get that widget? I'd love to have one in my blog! HAHAHA!

  5. itu klo ga salah dr google widgetnya kok.. masuk yg popular category.. lol..