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Monday, 4 March 2013

New Menu from Macaroni House : Baked Potato!

Gather around, people! Macaroni House has just launched a new variation menu to their family. Now, not only specializing in their yummy baked macaroni, they are also specializing in baked potatoes!

"Little rounds of scrumptious sliced potatoes", that's what I would call these little babies from Macaroni House. It is little portions of potato gratin-like savory treats with 3 choices of flavors : Ranch Potato, Curry Hurry and Carbonara Potato. 

Each portion comes with a disposable foil container with the size of 6cm x 7cm x 3cm. A small cup with big flavors! Each purchase (minimum purchase) will come in a package of 6 of these babies and it will cost you Rp 100.000. So approximately, one cup will cost you around 16k. A bit pricey for a small cup, but again, Macaroni House has always been generous with their fillings and they really pay attention to product's quality. 

From left to right : Ranch Potato, Curry Hurry, Carbonara. They all looked the same from the outside. But I assure you, each flavor really stands out on its own way.
Ranch Potato : Sliced potatoes with minced beef, little pieces of carrots and peas. Topped with melted cheese as usual. The fact that they use beef, not chicken, for this flavor, brings out that aromatic meaty scent that gives its flavor a kick of extraordinary. It makes you wanna gobble it all up in one bite. 

Once you dig in, you can see they have different ingredients inside. This one is Ranch Potato flavor.
Curry Hurry : Sliced potatoes with little chunks of chicken and fragrant curry seasonings, topped with melted cheese. Warning : it is a bit oily. However, I still find this flavor enjoyable as the curry aroma is just in the right amount. Not too mild and not too strong.

Carbonara : Has always been my favorite flavor from Macaroni House. Every bite comes with appropriate amount of sinful creaminess that makes this baby so addictive! The only warning I can give about this is one might not be enough!

Call it a marketing strategy, the fact that each portion is little, it itches me to grab for more! That's my only complain. For me, one will not be enough! I found myself in the kitchen, at midnight, reheating another carbonara potato and before I knew it, I finished the whole thing. 

Oh, they will launch new flavors for each month. There will be 5 more flavors coming so stay tune to their twitter account..

How can you resist these babies?
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