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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Spanky's Ribs and Martinis: Appropriate for children, teens and adults!

Among the variegated Kemang's illimitable selections of F&B,  comes a place called Spanky's. Specializing in American BBQ dishes and big gulps of martinis (it comes in triple jumbo size!), this place is the perfect place to catch a gluttonous bite, to fill your tummy, to enjoy a drink, or simply to gobble the mouthwatering desserts. Yes, this is one of the places in Kemang which is suitable for both kids and adults..

The restaurant bar concept's interior was inspired by the 1920's children's TV series called "Little Rascals". The iconic cast from the show appears in cartoon characters, spread all over the restaurant and even the menu, making it suitable for children (let alone the selections of food). Spanky, which is the name of restaurant, was also a character from the show. Not only that, there are also eye catchy, funny quotes and vintage photos hanged all over the wall. It definitely enlivens the clean melancholy wall. Minus the bar, the place completely has the appearance of a family place to dine in.

Cartoon characters from the show
One of the quotes that I found most captivating...
High ceiling and wood furniture. Vintage, much?
Looking at the menu, you'll find yourself variety selections of bites. Though it's American food they're mainly serving, there are also some fusion dishes such as Mexican and Hawaiian food. The choices of meat itself varied with accompanies of pork in each sections. Their specialty is ribs, but one dish meals for individual portion can also be found. 

Mexican Pork Chile Verde (69k). Slow cooked ample of pork chunks in jalapeno stew served with crispy flour tortilla. 
The soupy meal just has the right amount of mildness and warmth. Can also be enjoyed by kids because it has very little touch of heat. Overall, it's very subtle, yet the jalapeno scent was well erupted in every spoonful intake. However, considering the portion and the fact that it's considered more of an appetizer than a main course, I personally think this is a bit overpriced as I can get other meals with more satisfying portion which almost cost the same. For example, the dish below.. (scroll down at own cost)

Slow Roasted Pork Belly (79k). Served with mashed, caramelized apple cabbage and rosemary mushrooms.  
Each element was really well put together and it complimented one another. The savory pork has the right amount of fat, making the dish not too overwhelming. The flavor contrasted with the sweet apple cabbage, which only enriched the whole plate as a union. The only downfall was the lack of crispiness on the skin (though it looked crispy). If they can make it happen, this dish is definitely a two thumbs up dish!

Spank Me! Sandwich (79k). A Hawaiian pulled pork sandwich served with fried potatoes and BBQ sauce.
 Also available with pulled chicken, but being the number one pork fan that I am, no way I am substituting this with chicken. It was surprisingly huge and generous in portion. The sesame buns was pan toasted and as you can see from the picture, it has that slightly burnt mark, which resulting a rather crispier texture to accompany the tender smoky pulled pork.

Spicy Mac and Cheese (69k)
Going all the way with American classic, a bowl of heart mac and cheese can't never go wrong. This one has no meat but they also serve the ones with bacon and mushrooms or beef and jalapeno. This ultimate bowl of comfort food was creamy enough to make my day. Though the spiciness only came from the chili powder, I think they served enough justice. I am curios about the jalapeno one, though. Gonna try it in my next visit. Warning to those who can't handle creamy sauces, you might find this a bit too heavy.

Making it obvious for the stranger, Spanky's ribs and martinis must be specializing in ribs and martinis. Though I didn't order their two essential features, I still found myself very much happy and satisfied. It may have one or two downfall but I was more captivated with the successful deliverance of each meals.

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 24A
Jakarta 12730


  1. I am a pork girl as well! that slow roasted pork belly looks simple but so amazing :9

  2. @irene: we should really go pork hunting together! Lemme know when you're in jkt, kay?