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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Alley with a Tin Pan~

I'm sure you guys have heard Tin Pan Alley before.. It's located in the UOB building next to Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall. Click HERE to go to their facebook page.. I have visited this place for several times and yet I never write a review about it.. Actually, there are a lot of places that I occasionally visit but haven't had the chance to review it. Anyway, my eldest sister is a fan of this place and a month ago approximately, she bought a disdus voucher so we're getting a three course meal at Tin Pan Alley with a special prize.. So I decided to do a review since I'm going to go there a lot and yes, I really do think it's a very decent place to spend your time at..

As usual, narcissistic pictures come first..
This time we got a table across the bar.. Usually I just sit at the tables not too far from the entrance..
My biggest and youngest sisters.. The reflection behind them is the reflection of the bar..
Mom was definitely not in the mood for pictures..
I love the leather big old sofa and the dim lights. It just matches  perfectly. At first we thought it's going to be hard to eat in this big chairs, we preferred the usual wooden seats, but it turned out, it is very comfortable and the height of the sofa is very proportional to the table..
The decor right next to our table.. Vintage
Potato skin. This wasn't the best potato skin I've ever had. In fact, this is just another whole potato cut in half and topped with melted cheese. 
Nachos was yummy.. Really, we were like scooping all the stuffs till there was literally not a single dip left..
This is the Mushroom-stuffed Chicken Breast with White Butter Sauce. If you are a mushroom lover, you will like this dish. You can smell the mushrooms, they are just so fragrant..
My big sis is crazy bout this salmon. This is the Grilled Orange Glazed Salmon. You can taste a bit of sweetness and a hint of that charcoal-y smell.. Of course topped with their mashed and vegies. I personally don't like the sweetness, but this dish is okay..
Now, my all time favorite dish in this place is.. THE  PORK CHOP WITH HOMEMADE CRANBERRY SAUCE.. I love the pork chop in this place! First I thought, cranberry sauce will make everything sweet. No it won't! How to explain how good and scrumptious and yummy this pork chop.. Hmm.. Okay, let me just tell you that I literally sucked the bones.. There, I admitted it and I am definitely not ashamed! HAH!
Another chicken dish..  This is the Grandma's Fried Chicken.  The mashed potato was below the chicken and the size of the chicken itself is quite big. The thing that I love about this dish is how crispy the batter is. Seriously, it's not just another fried chicken.. I'm not sure why they put the word Grandma there. I think it's because this dish is a classic and it got that homy comforting feeling..
Sis ordered this caramel something something.. I forgot what it was since it's been a week. Somehow it tasted like one of Starbucks drinks, in a good way.. 

The star of the show, according to me, is the Pork Chop. I have ordered it more than once. It's the best pork chop I've ever eaten. It's savory, scrumptious and the sauce made it perfectly balanced.

For appetizers, I once ordered the chicken wings but forgot to take a picture of it. I was too hungry. They have a lot of sauce choices, and it's not messy. They separate the sauce and the wings so you can dip it yourself without getting your fingers sticky..

I got a few more pictures but it's not me who took it. Andreas used his galaxy tab to take the pictures cause I forgot to bring my galaxy note..

Sizzling Chicken Quesadilla. If you lift one of it, you can see the melted cheese, just like in a pizza. It's pretty good actually. They got some peppers inside and I just love the smell of pepper in this dish..
See.. it's drooping!
This is the pork chop burger. Teng ordered it..  I am not sure if it tastes like the ordinary Pork Chop. The sauce is the same though..
This is the mushroom soup with truffle oil.. Yummiehhhh and comforting...
This is the seared Baramundi with papaya mango salsa.. I personally think this is yummy!! Teng and Andreas refused to taste it because they hate papaya. The sauce is very fresh and spicy. I think it's a creative yummy combination!
This one is the creamy seafood pasta.. Andreas said it was too creamy... But it's good anyway..

What I love about this place is their menu choices. They are many variation but somehow all of the dishes have a niche but all of them are integrated in a similar concept which really suits the ambiance of the place. I love love love this place. They also have a list of alcoholic drinks, so you can enjoy an appetizer or two, with your drink along side..

I rated the food an 8.7/10, the place an 8.5/10, the service an 8.5/10. Some of my friends complained about the service, but so far I haven't encountered with bad service at all.

I personally recommend you this place. I know it's not a new place. But for those of you who haven't tried out the food in here, should definitely check it out... love love love..


  1. wah aku juga beli ini tapi belum aku pake :) jadi pengen pake secepetnya :)


    1. Hi Lovebbi.. Makananya enak2 kok.. buruan dicoba dhe.. ;)