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Friday, 29 June 2012


Their menu and logo

I have a very hard time in choosing what I want.. The price is very friendly indeed

I want it all!
Last week, my friends and I visited Island Creamery first branch in Indonesia! They're originally from Singapore and now we have it in here! Anyway, they're famous for their ice cream. It's more affordable if you compare it to famous brands such as Baskin Robbins, or Haagen Dazs..

Click HERE to visit their facebook page.. They're located in Flavor Bliss in Alam Sutera

They have interesting choices of flavors.. The place is so adorable and they have outdoor and indoor sections. Let me just show you the picturesss

I love their interior
The indoor arena is filled with photos of customers..There are tons of these kind of pictures on the wall
Frozen Desserts
They have the children seats. But here's the deal, look at the toys on top of the table, I wouldn't trust my kids with that high level of sugar after over consuming any dessert in this place. They're going wildddd
They have so many selection of desserts, from pies to cupcakes!
They have different types of icec cream choices, from red velvet ice cream to mangga harum manis... The ones on the left are the mudpie and mini baked alaska. Mini baked Alaska is basically raspberry ice cream fully covered with meringue 
Ready to be taken home..
I think this is the cutest ice cream cake ever!
They have many more choices to pick
Your toppings
Selection of yummy sinful cakes.. The red velvet and rainbow cake had been sold out so we didn't get the chance to try some.. huhuhuhu
They were having a promotion. If we tweet about this place, we will get three of these.. They're basically cakes with different flavors covered with chocolate.. They have the rainbow cake flavor also the red velvet ones

Since we didn't get the chance to try the red velvet, so this is as far as how we go on their red velvet. Quite moist.. 
Lidia with her prize
We haven't had any dinner that night, so we grabbed some in Island Creamery. If you scroll back up, the menu said, Ice Cream - Burgers - Coffee and Cakes - Obviously, it means they specialize on it.. Then you stick with it! We were branching out in ordering different kinds of food and I'm quite disappointed by most of the meal we got..

Islander Burger. This, I am not disappointed. It's pretty good actually
It doesn't only looks good, but it also tastes very good
Now, the disappointing part.. The other meals that we had weren't satisfying. 

A smoked beef spaghetti.. There's nothing wrong with it, but there's also nothing special about it. The Indonesian version of pasta..
This is the flame-grilled 1/2 chicken. Obviously it's not a 1/2 of a chicken, they should rename it. And the term "flame-grilled" is obviously, literally true. It was burnt and bitter. I remember laughing at the chicken when I first saw it..
Beef bolognese pasta, again Indonesian version of pasta, nothing special
This is the Beef Island fried rice. Well, it's supposed to be okay. What possibly can mess up a simple fried rice? But danggg! Ir smells like raw eggs. Maybe it's because of the sunny side up, but it really did smell like a raw egg. I took a bit of this and quickly drank to rinse off that smell..
Now back to the yummy stuffs! For desserts! Everybody's on diet so Ivan and I ordered only two slices of cakes
Childhood Chocolate Slice. For chocolate lovers, you need to go for this one! The choco ball on top  is Maltesers..
The Rum Raisin. I love the hint of rum smell on this cake. It's just the right amount. I am not a fan of raisins, and apparently I encountered none on this slice. Top notch!
One slice of cake is worth of 23k, which I think is very decent. With the qualities of the desserts that they offered, the cakes are worth it. The food isn't that expensive as well.. If you're going for a light meal, this is the place to go. 

Even though I am disappointed in the food, I will still go back to this place for the desserts and appetizers.. Maybe even for the burgers and coffee. They really have a nice environment and ambiance. Really cozy! The staffs are amazingly friendly.. This place is worth a try!


  1. hello there, came across your blog post as i was browsing about ice cream. Nice review overall, but it needs to be set straight, Island Creamery is originaly from SINGAPORE, not America. founded in 2004 by Stanley Kwok in Singapore. more of it can be read here > http://www.islandcreamery.com/

    1. Ah i see! Thanks for the info! will correct it right away!