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Monday, 4 June 2012

Dining on the Moon~

Okay as usual, I spent my previous Saturday with my lovelings. This time we tried this Indonesian food restaurant called REMBOELAN (which means the moon). Click HERE to go to their facebook page..  Okay.. I admit it.. The reason why I wanna try out this restaurant is because I was first attracted by the whole setting and concept of the place. I just know that it serves Indonesian food, but didn't have a single clue of how good it is.. 

Let me just show you the pictures of how adorable it is..
You have to climb up a Cinderella Castle-like stairs first, the whole restaurant is in a shape of a ring and it goes around the top floor, which I think represents the name of the restaurant itself.. I love the concept!
Classic Menu

The left is strawberry pineapple tea and the right one is  Remboelan iced tea. At first I ordered the one on the left and Riyan ordered the Remboelan iced tea, but we decided to exchange our drinks. The Remboelan iced tea is sour (just how I like it) with a hint of mint and lime. While the strawberry pineapple is just another very aromatic tea with fruits.. and it tastes sweet..

My favorite coffee toy.. The left one is iced coffee, but you have to wait for the coffee to drool down. It is so YUMMY and don't even let me begin with how strong the smell is. TOP NOTCH! On the right side is the simple Kopi Tubruk. You  flip down the cup and sip it from the plate.. Very aromatic and yummy! For coffee lovers, this is the place to be.. 
Cumi Woku. The waitress said that this is the  favorite dish for squid. It's very fresh, very Indonesian. They use lemon grass, chopped tomatoes, spring onions, chili, and if I am not mistaken, those greens are pandan leaves. I thought it was some veggies, I tried to chew it but came to a fail.. 
Since we are all very hungry, all of us ordered rice dishes. This one is Remboelan fried rice. It's okay, I prefer the fried rice in Sate Khas Senayan..
Bitter Ballen!! This was the first thing that we ordered. It's a Dutch  potato fritters. The fillings are potato puree and it was pure PERFECTION! From all the bitter ballens I have tried, this one is the second best. The sauce is also yummy! Somehow it's like a honey mustard sauce..
This one is Nasi Bakar. The rice was filled with herbs and wrapped in  banana leaves then grilled to perfection. It is so fragrant..
Details.. They also put salted fish inside.. very tasty..
Tahu Komplit! This is exactly the same like tahu telor (tofu fried with eggs) but they added shrimp fritters. Then the sauce is vinegar like with beans sprouts and crushed peanuts.. I loveeeeee it
Nasi Kuning! Very cute indeed, they come in sets..
Mine is Nasi Begana. Of course with sambal ati ampela, beef, glass noodles, chickens, green beans and chili. 
 Narcissistic Picturesss.. See the interior of the place! It's very Indonesian with an elegant touch..

You can see the view below and the top ceiling, which I think it's very gorgeous! Truly integrated with the whole being on the moon concept!

The price is very affordable! The rice sets are around 30k above. It's definitely a nice place to eat Indonesian food. The cute thing is some of the waitresses walk around the place offering you to try market snacks like kelepon, canil, otak otak, etc. And they bring the food along with them in a large plate just like how they do it in the markets...

The waitress was like hovering the snacks near my face and I can definitely smell the shredded coconut fragrance. Makes you drool just by staring at them!

I give this place a 7.5/10 in terms of the food.. All the meals are fragrant and tasty... The place is so darn adorable I'm going to give a 9/10, it really makes you feel like you are in some village (Ironically, it was inside a mall). The service was great. I definitely have a great time..

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