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Monday, 28 May 2012

Colourful Grass

two weeks in a row..
I told you I will go back to Bluegrass to try out for their food.. and I did last Saturday.. Again, we didn't make any reservations, so we're ended up on the same seats like yesterday.. Without further ado, let me just show you the pictures.. It was still quite bright so we took our pictures before it gets too dark

Drinks. From left to right : Peach tea, iced mint toblerone chocolate, regular iced chocolate and lavender tea

Plank Salmon. I love how the presented it on a plank of wood. I love love love the sauteed vegies especially the mushrooms. They're the same as mine actually. You can request if you wanted your fish half done, but since Teng is temporarily prohibited to eat anything raw, she ordered it well done..
Rotisserie Chicken.. It's a half a chicken and it's yummy. It's served with roasted baby potatoes and salad
I ordered this Stuffed Pork Chop. Inside it was melting cheese with herbs.. Below the meat was mashed potato. It's quite huge for my portion. They served it with baked beans and sauteed vegies.
American Classic Burger with fries. I wanna take the bun off so you can look at the patty, but there was sauce all over and the onions and mayo were sticking to one another, not pretty. But it tastes absolutely YUMMY
This is the grilled lamb shank. It's served with sweet soy bean sauce  just like how the Indonesian likes it. It's okay..
For dessert, we tried the banana brulle this time. Again, I really love the combination of warm and cold in a sweet dish. 
My empty glass needs a refill
 What I really love about Bluegrass is their variety of menu. You can have western, asian, indonesian dishes at one place. And the choices of appetizers, main courses, and desserts are plentiful that it takes sometime to decide what you're going to order.

I give an 8/10 for food. The seats outside are surrounded with mosquitoes, so better reserve for the indoor area. But you'll get the view of Bakrie Tower from outside. It's a good hang out place and definitely a decent one. They also have a long list of alcoholic drinks that you need to kick off for the weekend.. I also love the price range. They have the food that is around 75k-100k, which I think is a standard price for a main course, to foods that is worth 500k. For what it's worth, this place is really worth trying..

Visit their facebook page HERE

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