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Monday, 29 October 2012

The Soup Spoon Food Tasting

Do you agree with Beethoven?
The custom of eating healthier food has been growing more vastly from time to time. But healthy is often related to either blandness or unpleasant flavor.. I, myself, has been trying so hard to keep the balance between those two.. Healthy but not yummy.. Yummy but unhealthy.. *Sigh* I feel like ripping myself into two so that I can have both healthy and yummy..

The thing is.. Now, we don't have to fight so hard to decide between what is yummy and what is healthy.
The thing is.. The fact that healthy eating habit keeps on growing and it varies our choices..
The thing is.. Consumers are getting smarter.. So new trending restaurants have to keep up with them..

Soup Spoon is that type of restaurant. The type of restaurant which think of your health and giving pleasure to your taste buds at the same time.. Random trivia here, do you know that eating soup is currently trending in Singapore. There have been numerous soup restaurants of various brands scattered all around Singapore.. The Soup Spoon is one of them..

With three branches open in Jakarta (Grand Indonesia, Citywalk Sudirman, and Senayan City), The Soup Spoon is expanding their Soup Culture in our country. They serve you various type of Soup from the kind where you seek for comfort while you're sick (that's my habit) to the kind where traditional is the deal.. With their third store open in Senayan City Mall, they sure are likely to announce to the consumers that they are more than only a Soup restaurant.. They also serve other meals such as pasta, rice meals, salads, sandwiches, wraps, nibbles, en papillote and even some sweet treats.. Of course, healthy is still the main highlight, even the breads are made by them from scratch, not forgetting the fresh ingredients as well..

The store's interior.. Gives you that homey cozy type of ambiance.. 
Semi open kitchen..
I love how they show the cakes and breads to the customers..
Zoom in..
Choices choices choices.. Very flexible..

drinks, anyone?
Freshly made Soup with no artificial flavorings, ready for you to be taken away and reheated at any time of the  day. I tried their Boston Clam Chowder.. It's really practical. You just reheat it in a pan or a microwave and VOILA.. Warm comforting meal with rich creamy fillings.. YUMMY

The theme of the night is a cocktail party.. They serve light bite sizes of some of their menu.. So without further ado, let's just begin..
Disclaimer : all the food and drink portions are specifically served only for the purpose of this event

The menu of the restaurant and the menu for tonight
Blackcurrant Breeze with Mango(32k) and Refreshing Berries infused Tea with Lychee(33k)
Smoked Salmon Bruschetta (33k). I personally like this a lot.. It's one of the appetizers that I will order again. The baguette is made freshly from scratch, topped with homemade tomato concasse smoked salmon then BAM, the star of the show, melted mozarella cheese.. 
Spicy Wedges with... wait for it.. (scroll down)
Homemade spicy mayonnaise and paprika (26k). Yes, the restaurant is everything about healthy and I think this wedges is the least healthy choice in the menu. BUT WHO CARES? That's just how much I love the wedges and their mayo (PURE HEAVEN..) With a hint of mild spiciness and their crunchy fries, it's just a bliss 
Hot Prawn Bitsque (not in the menu). Well, it's not my favorite.. I don't like the smell of the prawn, I think it's too strong..
Chicken Tikka (42k). Tandoor-spiced chicken pieces (without any colouring) with a piece of mango and homemade mint sauce.. For the sake of the event, I think they pre-made everything. So when the chicken was served to us, it's quite cold.  The chicken lost its crunchiness.. 
Hamburg Steak (57k). Grilled beef patty served with homemade NO MSG Japanese curry sauce over Japanese rice. You can tell the sauce was very different with the instant Japanese curry sauce. It's definitely way milder. The chef said they used apple as their base with various curry spices. It's not my personal favorite, but if you are a fan of healthy food, you should give this a try.. 
Japanese Udon with Poached Egg Salad (49k). It's basically udon mixed with their sesame dressing, topped with poached quail eggs. Slimy udon.. Not your ordinary salad indeed. For starter, it's udon.. If you're looking for something quite heavy, this is the right choice of salad for you.. 
Mussel Shooters (33k). I love this shooters so much! Considering that I still have my conscience, this is the only shots I can gobbled up less than 5 seconds without any doubt. The chilled tangy tomato soup with a hint of lemon and tabasco sauce gives you that edge of freshness.. The NZ mussels were perfectly cooked, it just perfected the whole thing.. 
Starting from the left side : Refreshing Mango Sago 28k (it's basically mango puree with sago pearls.. it's more of a sweet treat)  ,"Ispahan" Rosa Raspberry 32k (Sour jelly topped with blended raspberries and lychees and macarons) , Salted Caramel Chocolate 30k (My favorite! Salty buttery caramel topped with bittersweet chocolate mousse)
I love the idea of the Soup Spoon restaurant. Not only they serve yummy healthy ready to be taken away soup, but they also serve yummy healthy dishes to be eaten in the restaurant. They have variety choices of food with western to oriental touches.. From beef goulash to Tokyo chicken stew.. Got what I mean?

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