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Friday, 2 November 2012

Starbucks Food Tasting

When I received the invitation via e-mail from Starbucks, I was super thrilled!

I have always loved Starbucks for their sweet treats and unique drinks.. Believe me.. I spend a lot of my time there, whether it's only for hanging out, waiting for someone, doing my assignments, reading a novel, or just chillin' with my friends.. The world-wide chain cafe is scattered everywhere and because of that, I also think that Starbucks is one of the main reasons of what turned out to be today's youngsters coffee drinking culture. I don't personally choose Starbucks for their black coffee (I think there are many better places that serves good black coffee), but I just can't get enough of the other unique drinks that they serve, also their light bites..

I don't think I have to explain furthermore about Starbucks because I believe you guys are familiar with it as well. The thing with Starbucks is that it's practical. You know what they serve, you know what you want, they know what to serve, BOOM, consistency.. I don't even have to look at their drink list to find out what I want, what I crave from Starbucks. As if I have downloaded their menu via PDF file inside here *pointing at my own head*

I was late for an hour. Traffic was eating me alive. Thank God I wasn't the one who was driving.. (Poor Glen..)


After 2,5 hours of traffic, all of these really turned up my mood.. They were not new actually, you can find them in Starbucks stores, but this just brighten my night up!
The other fellow bloggers suddenly scooted over this tray full of red velvet and purple yam coconut cake to me.. I was quite amused actually.. 
I have never been a fan of Starbucks red velvet. I think it's the same as an ordinary sponge cake, covered with peanuts. I couldn't even smell any hint of coffee.. So, no.. I am not a fan of this one..
Now this, I love... Purple Yam Coconut Cake (28k). It has that coconut shavings texture and the yam is used for the base. I think it's superb!
My drinks for the night : Passion Tea Lemonade (this also have been one of my favorite drinks from Sbux, it's very freshening, sour and not too sweet for me), Hot chocolate (classic hot chocolate, what can go wrong with it?)

For Glen : Sea Salt Caramel Caramel Mocha (Current Sbux seasonal drink, and yes, I licked every bit of that gorgeous whip cream with a straw)
Smoked Ham Quiche. I LOVE STARBUCKS QUICHES! It's soft on the inside, has that right amount of cheesiness..  Whenever I am in for a treat, I usually order their savory quiche.. Eat it with chili sauce, super yum! (typical Indonesian's relationship with the so-called sambal)
Generous ham.. Even the one without ham is still very yummy
Another seasonal dessert : VIA Snowflake Land (17,5k). The outer has a choux pastry consistency dipped into melted chocolate and topped with white chocolate shavings above it..
The fillings was not as runny as the typical choux pastry filling. I can definitely smell the coffee from the VIA... Coffee Choux Pastry, anyone?
Classic Starbucks Cinnamon Role (which I think looks very sexy and tempting at the same time, especially with those white sugar on top of it)

Another seasonal savory treat. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH~! They use fresh basil. In the picture above, it has just been warmed so the basil went soft. It's like a garden exploded in my mouth. Lean chicken, super healthy, with a hint of sweetness from the apple, and the kicking smell of basil. COMPLETE GARDEN PARADISE EXPLOSION IN MY MOUTH!
The only thing is... The wheat bread is too thick!
Their best seller Sandwich : Rustica Smoked Chicken and Cranberry Sandwich (42k). I have tried it once, I didn't like it that much. The cranberry made the sandwich too sweet that I couldn't enjoy it. I have always preferred savory salty when it comes to my meals. It's also one of the most expensive Starbucks treats.. 
I have such a great time with my fellow bloggers.. 
At the end, after those hours being stuck in the car, it's definitely worth it to meet these people.. :)
Starbucks Coffee
Where? You know it..
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  2. passion tea nya gw suka banget