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Friday, 8 February 2013

Iron Chef Kitchen is IN TOWN!

To all Iron Chef's fans out there, as a fellow fan, I am happy to say that Iron Chef Kitchen is definitely IN TOWN~ Yes people, they are here.. Located in Food Gallery (LG level Plaza Senayan), it is hoped that the people of Indonesia will get to know more of the variance of Japanese food. Oh, the show Iron Chef itself is going to be aired in Trans TV this month. 

As we all know, our people are fond of Japanese food. With the emerging sensation of ramen joints, the crazy creamy addictive mille crepes, or even the classic yummy savory sushi bars, I can speak for myself that I am definitely tagging along to this highly in trend Japanese fever.

So, a few days ago, I was invited to the Iron chef screening and press conference. I came to notice (again) that I always think the Japanese culture is somehow very unique. Not only the food, but the language itself is beautiful. They are almost poetic, even in everyday application. They speak the taste of summer time, which I believe I have no clue by what they meant, but in a way, I think I understand. They manage to always penetrate graceful and polite gestures in engaging every social interactions. Listening to their conversations about their food made me more eager to try it and of course, I was once again, amazed by the differences and diverse culture that we all share. 

After all the talking, they gave a few sample for food tasting but I failed to snap any good pictures.. Please bear with me and tolerate the pictures as there was not enough light nor a good opportunity to take a decent one. 

The Chefs/owners of the Japanese restaurants, available in the Iron Chef Kitchen
Food is here...
I got to say, this one was my favorite. It was the Iron Chef Chen's Spicy Black Ramen. Unlike the ordinary creamy broth ramen that we are fond of, this ramen use soy and fish sauce as its base. In a way, I found the broth both comforting and light, also balanced and rich at the same time. For those who aren't fond of the usual heavy creamy broth, this one is definitely a must try. Definitely different from the ordinary ramen we know. This one really has its own twist.. 
Well, sweet desserts have always been my weakness. This was actually the first thing I snatched away from the table. It was Iron Chef Sakai's Popover Roast Pear. Well, this might not be an authentic Japanese delicacy, but the Japs have adapted so many things and gave their own touches to it. I personally think it's clever. 
This is the spicy chicken wings that I didn't get the chance to try. The other food bloggers said it's nice. 
For those who are interested in tasting the Iron Chef's dishes, you can all come to Plaza Senayan and give it a try for yourself. 

Period : 26 Jan - 5 Feb 2013
I am aware that it is no longer available, even by the time of the press conference. Anyway, Spoon Bread is the first Popover restaurant in Japan. Popover itself is an American version of Yorkshire pudding. It can be served either as a sweet treat (like the one that I tried in the conference) or as a savory dish with meats.. 

Period : 9 Feb - 25 Feb 2013
Menya Iroha was established 20 years ago in Japan and is a 4-times champion at the Tokyo Ramen Show. They are famous for their black ramen. They will be serving both the Iron Chef Chen's spicy black ramen and Toyama black soy sauce ramen in the outlet. As I have mentioned above, their broth is lighter and perfectly balanced. By the way, it is also halal as they use only chicken and fish for their ingredients.. 

Toyama Black Soy Sauce Ramen

Period : 9 Feb - 25 Feb 2013
Dai Tokyo Sakaba has a cozy Japanese bar concept that serves Japanese style premium chicken cuisine such as fried chicken wings (Tebasaki), fried chicken ( Tori Kara Age), fried chicken kurupuk (Tori Kawa Sembei)  to name a few. They also serve Yakitori in the outlet. 


Period : 26 Feb - 14 March 2013
Aloha Terrace serves Hawaiian dishes with Japanese touches. They will also be opening an outlet in Bintaro, Tangerang in early April. It will officially be the first Hawaiian restaurant in Indonesia. I tried their Loco Moco, which is a Hawaiian traditional meal that consists of white rice, topped with a hamburger patty, fried egg and brown gravy. It was very filling. I also tried the aromatic Hawaiian Kona Coffee, which is said to be one of the most expensive coffees in the world. It has a vanilla-like sweet fragrant that eventually lured me into drinking 3 cups.. lol

Loco Moco. Sorry I wasn't able to snap a good picture out of the sample given on that day.. 

Period : 26 Feb - 31 March 2013
First established in 1970, Sagami has been one of the largest chain restaurants in Japan. It has been famous for its soba (healthy buck wheat noodle) and its 'healthy and fresh' tagline. They serve variety of dishes in the outlet such as basic zaru soba, curry duck soba, Mt. Fuji beef soba, duck soup soba, shrimp oroshi soba, tempura chicken oroshi soba, chawan mushi, and yuzu honey juice. I tried their curry duck soba and it has a subtle mild curry hint. I have to say it is quite new to me to taste a combination of duck and curry.. 

Curry Duck Soba
If you are a Japanese food mania, what are you waiting for? Pay a visit and try their dishes! I know I will be back to get me some more of that spicy black ramen! 

Food Gallery, The Food Hall
LG Floor, Plaza Senayan

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