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Monday, 18 February 2013

Introducing new menu from BONCHON

I was hungry. It was 10.30 am and I haven't eaten anything, yet. Last Saturday, I was invited to have a Bonchon brunch at Citywalk Sudirman. Putting aside the fact that I was so exhausted from that past few weeks, I decided to go anyway. "It's a Saturday, I should enjoy myself", that's what I thought..

It was an exclusive blogger gathering and they were going to introduce a new menu that is not available yet.. I was intrigued by the pictures and the idea of this gathering. Again, putting aside my exhausted self in the name of being too busy having too much fun with too many people, I came and of course, in the appropriate amount of so-called being late.

If the Japs have a thing for soba, then the Koreans have a thing for Myun. They are Korean buckwheat noodles that is usually served cold. But in Bonchon, of course, they have their own creation for the Myun. Before I continue my rant, let me just show you the pictures first... 

My original flavor bites. Finished it in a matter of seconds.. 
Introducing : Bonchon Spicy Myun (will be available next month).. Further review below.. 
Blueberry and Strawberry Snowflakes for dessert.. Well, mine was the strawberry one.. 
Mocha Mochi.. 
The bites : Okay, first thing first, I love having little bites. Well, reason number 1 is because I am a messy eater. I manage to get the sauces in every unimaginable location you could ever imagine. Having Bonchon bites really helps me in keeping my image as this clean neat female being. Reason number 2 is definitely the texture. Packed crispiness coated with yummy original sauce in a bowl, YES PLEASE.. Reason number 3 is that they are able to represent the mini version of that famous perfect Bonchon's chicken. Practical is the word for it..

Bonchon Spicy Myun : Eating noodles in morning time has always been a thing for my family and I so while I was tasting the myun, it felt right to have for what some other people may consider it as a heavy meal. The first thing that I love about this new menu is the combination of the crispy texture from the fried lean chicken and the softness of the myun. The sauce itself is a bolognese-like sauce with little chicken cubes, the spicy version with of course, Korean-fusion touches. It has a bit of subtle grainy texture from the sesame seeds. Somehow the three elements clicked. I don't know whether I am biased by my hunger, but I think it was a pretty good meal. Now here's the thing. I have always been a wuss in eating spicy food. To be frank, it almost passes my 'this is too spicy for me' bar, but I managed not to sweat or drink more than one cup of lemon tea.. The term spicy itself becomes subjective. For me personally, it was just about right.. The only downturn of this dish is that the other food bloggers claimed that the classic myun was bland compared to the spicy one. I didn't have the chance to taste the classic myun so I am in no place to make any judgement.

Snowflakes : Shaved iced with strawberry syrup, red bean, Japanese mochi and cornflakes. COLD, PLENTY, CHEAP, YUMMY, and has more than one texture~ SNOWFLAKES FOR THE WIN. I need not explain furthermore..

Mochi : Well, I ate Bonchon's mochi way back before this gathering. I was curious by the sight of it. Well, it is definitely different from any other mochi I have ever tried. But this mochi and I, we can never get along just fine. I have a problem with Bonchon's mochi. Y U SO LITTLE? Y U ONLY 3? Serving a good dessert in such little amount, well, now they're just being mean.. lol..

Sometimes I  find that the variance of textures of my meal matters, A LOT. The taste is still a number one priority but when a new creation combined a number of elements  (the texture, the combination of flavors, the portion), it is somewhat like a chemistry. When it clicks, it clicks.. Just like meeting someone new for the very first time, if the chemistry is there and the timing (a substitute for the texture, lol) is just right, you click.. and when it clicks, you seem to ignore the fact that you might be biased.

I left the place feeling satisfied. I left the place with a happy tummy. I left the place with tons of fun meeting my fellow bloggers. Once again, Bonchon has managed to hold a hospitable event. It was definitely refreshing after such an exhausting week. 

BonChon Chicken
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