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Monday, 1 April 2013

Harum Manis : Authentic Indonesian Restaurant

Authentic Indonesian delicacies complemented with traditional contemporary interiors. Unlike the persistent on-growing restaurants which focus on western dishes, Harum Manis stays true to Indonesian flavors. A few steps inside will take you to a spacious room with Javanese settings. The place was designed in such a beautiful clever way that it accentuates the balance of both an elegant high-end fine restaurant and a warm comfortable Ningrat House.

As much as they pay attention on the interiors, the food itself is very promising. Not only they are very hygienic, the food is definitely pungent with spices. The trouble I always seem to find in fine restaurants serving Indonesian food, either the food is too clean that it was bland enough not to make it to my cut or just plain disappointing that it ruins your whole appetite. Nevertheless, everything I ate that day was fragrant, savory, and scrumptious. 

Every Sunday, Harum Manis restaurant offers you with a buffet of their authentic Indonesian delicacies. Eager to go feeding frenzy on all the stations, I managed to keep my cool while strolling around for some pictures..

Inside, there are a few separated sections (as you can see from the pictures above) big enough for a private meeting or a big family reunion. Each section is decorated, again, very beautifully. They managed to soak in a part of not only traditional ambiance, but Indonesian culture as well. Starting from the genuinely polite staff to the black and white pictures of Indonesian blue bloods in traditional Javanese costume.

Starting from the national bubur ayam. The curry broth is very fragrant indeed and although it's very different than the ones you buy from abang-abang on the streets, this one is similarly heartwarming and satisfying. There is no complaining, simply delicious.

Different types of satay. Complimented with turmeric marination or plain simple thick peanut sauce. All grilled to perfection.
Tahu Gejrot! May I say that this was definitely the cleanliest and yet also, the most scrumptious tahu gejrot I have ever had in my life. They put their own twist by adding beansprouts, celery and krupuk.

Ketupat Sayur Ponorogo. Accompanied with santan (coconut milk) broth, fried quail eggs, jackfruit, ketupat, and sweet stewed beef. Salty, sweet and yummy. A combination of different flavors and textures in a bowl.

Different types of soto. From chicken soup to traditional bakso. All was yummy and satisfying.
Nasi Campur Cirebon (1st plate)
Nasi Campur Cirebon (2nd plate). Filled with herbs and spices. On the sides, we have salted fish with green chili and veggies. 

Desserts! My favorite is their durian pudding. Oh so sinful, yet so right! The caramelized  durian creme brulee is perfect for a sweet tooth like myself.
Pretty perfect serabi
Es kocok (shake) and they made it by really mixing it inside a bamboo shaker. I was trying it out of curiosity but this I don't like! I'd rather have their es campur where I can scoop the generous fillings
Overall, I had a splendid time tracing back to my Indonesian natural callings and cravings. Harum Manis has successfully cast more appreciation to local delicacy and heritage. Compared to the overrated overly-scattered western restaurants that seem to be the current trend right now, I'd go back here anytime of the day (well, as long as they are open) and have more bubur ayam.

Harum Manis
Pavilion Apartment
Jl. KH. Mas. Mansyur kav. 24
Phone : 57941727
Website : http://www.harum-manis.com/
Buffet only available on Sunday (approx. Rp 150.000/person)

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