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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tokyo Skipjack: Japan on a steak?

This picture clearly says it all. I don't need to elaborate much about a good steak as long as they serve mine in that juicy-tender-red-in-the-middle state. Sometimes, JUST the aroma from the grill and the scent of the meat itself are satisfying enough for me.

This is the usual current trend of serving steaks in almost all cafes and restaurants in Jakarta: when not only you enjoy the meat, but they have several selections of sauces to please you.You can easily find mushroom, black pepper, and barbecue sauces as a "side dish" or sometimes, they smolder it all over the meat to add more flavors (supposedly). Whilst I still prefer to enjoy mine without the sauces, apparently, eating steaks have been taken to another whole level. Combined with Japanese fusion sauces and side dishes, Tokyo Skipjack, offering you grilled steaks with a different touch.

Small space with a semi outdoor concept. Almost similar to a street food joint, only with a few more interior and furnished chairs and tables
No local meat though.. Each steak comes with three side dishes of sauce, different types of potatoes and selectable veggies.
NZ Sirloin (75k). Grilled to perfection of what I would call medium. Accompanied with butter wasabi sauce, fries and green salad with Japanese dressing. The wasabi sauce lacked that kick of spiciness and just fell flat. While the greens were sweet savory, unique in its own kind of way.
NZ Sirloin (95k). It was so tender and juicy, I felt like biting it straight from my hands instead of cutting it. Okay, maybe that's a little too much. But I love the meat itself perfectly without the touches of any sauces. This was accompanied with Japanese chimichurri sauce. It is very oily and sour. Though can be refreshing, I finished my steak with very little help from it. The Mitsuba mash was basically mashed with Japanese parsley. It is not too dry, yet, not too creamy
I hope to add a dash of fresh grounded black pepper over my steak, but it came to no avail. For what it's worth, I was quite satisfied with the meal and I might have the potential of craving for it in the future. While I dwell upon my own agreement of the sauces, it was pouring down like crazy..Maybe it's a way of fate not wanting me to leave the place. Nevertheless, I still have to drag my tired as* back home and get some rest.

Tokyo Skipjack
Jl. Bulungan No. 16
South Jakarta, JKT 12130
(021) 9972 5000

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