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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Queen's Tandoor : The place to be for smelly Indian spices!

I have spent 10 years of my life in Mahatma Gandhi School. No matter how much I try to deny it, there's still a part of me full with Indian influences. The same thing goes with my school mates as we can randomly sing the national anthem of India (in Indian) while reminiscing our primary school days. Or maybe how we like to tease each other with fluent Indian accent (this goes to my siblings too). The most painful thing is not to be able to buy an Indian snack called frankie at the school canteen while the most tantalizing thing is the fact that I still crave for Indian flavors every now and then.

Fortunately, all of my siblings did go to Mahatma Gandhi School as well, so they pretty much undergo the same thing as me. In spite of giving the freaky face smelling a pungent smelly Indian curry, we embrace it with wide grins and open arms.. 

So after debating where to eat for a 'not-so-ordinary' dinner with our Mum, we decided to eat at Queen's Tandoor : Indian and Chinese Cuisine (what is it with the Chinese cuisine tagging along behind the Indians in an Indian restaurant..? I continually wonder if the Indians love Chinese cooking that much or is it the Chinese who love the Indian cooking)

Despite of solving my personal unsolved curiosity, I enjoyed my time, as well as the dishes there.. 

The place is full with Ganesha statues and ornaments. The elephant-headed God is believed to be the God of success and the remover of obstacles. As a polytheist that I myself am, I can easily appreciate and understand why they put the statues in the restaurant.

Awards and recognitions

I just think this drawer is very pretty and unique..

Mutton (34k) and Vegetable (27k) Samosa. A fried puff pastry-like filled with generous minced mutton and veggies. 
Frankie (34k). I was so happy to see this on the menu. Inside was chunks of chopped veggies with Indian spices. Reminds me of my school days.. The outer wrap almost resembled the texture of tortilla.
Dahi Puri (36k). It's another Indian snack with the shape of a round puffy shell-like texture, bursting with mashed potato and chickpeas filling when bitten, sprinkled with some spicy paprika and poured with generous cold yogurt.. It's my first time trying Dahi Puri and I LOVE IT. The not so sweet yogurt contrasted with the spicy paprika..

Jeera Pulao (61k). It's basically cumin basmati rice. We were trying something different because we usually order briyani. This one was okay.. I think Indonesians can still accept the taste of this..
Garlic Naan (25k). Well, it's just not complete if not to tear this into pieces and use it to wipe the sauces off of your plate.
Mutton Handi (81k). I remember saying "Mutton mutton mutton! The mutton is so tender" with Indian accent after my first bite. Not only the masala spices are strong, it has that hint of spiciness which completes this dish. 
Butter chicken (74k). Cubed boneless chicken with (yet another) masala spices. They add butter to this one as you can see it's a bit more oily. 

Gulab Jamun (23k). Okay, this I don't like. Sweet way over the top syrup poured into these balls of fried sponge cake like.. NOT FOR ME..
That night, I temporarily fulfilled my Indian food cravings. Feeling perfectly comfortable surrounded with Indian families, I sometimes wonder if maybe I am part Indian inside. Maybe it's just the 10 years of influence, maybe it's just the food that I like, but what I can definitely tell to myself is the smellier the curry, the more me will likey.. Until then, a very good night to all of you (I am literally saying that out loud with Indian accent)

Queen's Tandoor
Permata Plaza
Jl. M. H. Thamrin Kav. 57, Jakarta
Phone : 3903287
Open Hours : 10.00-15.00, 18.00-23.30

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