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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Second Birthday Bash~

The what so called Mr and Mrs..

Me with Ivan

Mr. Febriano and beautiful Audrey

Mr. Febriano and I were celebrating our birthdays which were on the same month, so technically, this was my second birthday bash.. Btw, Audrey and I were just boasting our Samsung Note (LIKE A BOSS)

Sweet Bunga and her dear boyfriend

Lidia (candid) and pretending to be her boyfriend of the day, Kevin.. 

We're celebrating it on very last minute. It was supposed to be in Holy cow, Kuningan. But due to the time, the traffic, the time, the traffic, we picked The Duck King in SMS as a safe choice. It's the only place where they serve no lard chinese food that actually tastes good

Of course everybody knows THE DUCK KING. Their duck is splendiddddd to the max! The next thing that I love in this restaurant is the green beans with minced beef. It's a very simple down to earth dish but it tastes MAGNIFICO! The other dishes were great as well. If you're craving for Chinese dishes that's HALAL, then hitting this place would be a great idea!

Half a duck of their specialty

Half a duck of our choice.. 

The best minced beef with green beans ever made

Mantao from Lidia's request

Fried Shrimps with salted eggs

Fish something something with lemon grass in hot stone. It's really really really hot

Family Picture Time.. Bamm!

Nothing is gonna be wrong when you're spending your time with your loved ones. No matter where it is, when it is.. Each day I find myself very grateful to be surrounded by these people, another family with no blood relations whatsoever, but they're willing to be there just for the sake of being there..

Everyday you're gonna meet new people and there's nothing wrong about that. But the people that you have known for years and still stick around with you are the ones who really matter. The ones who are real. I believe as I'm getting older, it's more important to prioritize these people rather than widening your connections here and there but ended up lost within those circles and eventually you'll find yourself alone in a very cold dark place (okay, this is getting a bit weird and out of the context)

In 2012, I planned on kicking 2012's ass. So far, I have been kicking it, hard (Except for the fact that my ass is soon going to be kicked by a bucket load of assignments). There's nothing that gonna stop me from being me or reaching for what I want. I have been blessed with so many wonderful things that I feel there's nothing more in the world that would satisfy me. I'm truly BLESSED...

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