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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Trying to Catch Bits by Bits

Okay, so I've gone M.I.A for a while, but I'm back now. It's just been so hectic that I didn't have the time to even turn on my laptop. There were so many things happening during my absence from the blogging world

1. I bought a Samsung Note, based on Ano's or so called Baba's devilish gadget influence. Now I call it, my baby samsung. Basically, my bb is just trash now. Or more like a stepdaughter to me..

2. I joined a debating competition in UNPAD and it's my first experience in joining debating competition. We went into the OCTO Finals and got the 13th rank out of 36 slots.. Not so bad for a starter. It doesn't seem much but hell, I was so proud of myself. Just being able to go into the finals, and in UNPAD, and just by my first try! I deserve me to pat myself in the back..

3. I joined the HMJ. It's like a student council. Now I'm just so into campus life all of a sudden.. I don't know what has gotten into me..

4. Went to a LOT of places to eat. I took the pictures but never seem to have the time to upload it.. Currently my baby note doesn't wanna upload photos to this blog.. So I still have to manage it manually from my laptop. Dammit, I gotta get familiar with my baby note.. *okay it starts to sound freaky referring note as my baby*

Last but not least, PICTURESSSSSSSS (with minimal words)

Bandung Trip
Azzura in PVJ

Qua-Li for dinner

Nobuzen at PIK

Little Sheep (Xiao Fei Yang) A MUST TRY!

Rasa Sayang (Indian Food in Sunter) Yummieh!

I hope you drool, I know it's not much and I'm taking all the photos with my note now. I guess I should've put more effort in editing it or making it look nicer.. This is just a few of the pics that I've been keeping. Right now, I'm just too tired and I really wanna hit the bed ASAP.. The places in this blog post are all superb in their own way..

My favorite one is Little Sheep in Kota. It's a buffet or you can also do it a la carte style. It's a franchise from China, damnnnnnn it's so good I can eat there for a week.. Okay enough quacking, I need sleep.. Tomorrow I have to go to Puncak cause I'm in the advance team in this event..

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