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Saturday, 24 March 2012

5th year anniversary!!!

Yep, Pancious Pancake is adding new menus in terms of their 5th year anniversary! Yesterday, me and my friends were out to Plaza Indonesia, and we were strolling around or more like 'zombie-ing' around. We have no idea where to eat and were very much in a starving condition. We could definitely finish a human and still crave for desserts, especially with Ivan around..

Ehemm.. Moving on.. Pardon my intrusion on an imaginative walking dead world (I spent too much time on ZombieBooth android application..)

So yeah, as usual, the service in Pancious is great. There are so many new places that serve pancakes but as long as I'm concerned, Pancious is the pioneer (in our country) in opening a restaurant with various pancakes menu. Maybe it's just me, but I tend to choose the pioneer in everything even though it's not something new, but they brought it up first. Just like how I always say that Sour Sally serves the best yogurt in town. Okay, without further ado, let me just show the pictures..

Fettuccine with beef and red wine

Fettuccine with chicken blue cheese

Our favorite menu is the breakfast set. The pancake is below the waffle

Mushroom Risotto with grilled chicken breast. This is one of the new menus and I L.O.V.E IT~ It's so creamy and yummy. I could savor it for one whole day!

Since we had purchased more than Rp 200.000, they were giving us complimentary of a black forest pancake..

Oh and again, this is the crepe cake with opera topping. YUMMY AS HELL! Perfectly layered thin crepes over cream on each layer. It was light but creamy, soft but has a firm figure. Look at the caramel chocolate sauce on the pictures, I'm just glad I didn't go barbaric before I snap the pictures. Everybody else on the table was like staring and resisting not to poke a finger to the sauce and lick it straight. Yes, we are not barbaric. but still, the thought lingers.. When I put the first bite inside my mouth, I was literally melting away. BEST DESSERT OF THE MONTH! 

They also gave us a benefit card. We could collect three of benefit cards and get discounts on special occasions, like your anniversary or your birthday.. Smart way to make us wanna go back there and eat more crepe cakes.. (Not worrying about our cholesterol, as I have said to Teng, we're still too young to die out of a heart attack.. *amen to that*)

Now of course, it wouldn't be us if we didn't take silly pictures..

all hail 9gag

My two partners in crime (in a very different way)

and last but not least, 

asian zombie.. This is how Asian Zombies would look like..

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