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Sunday, 20 May 2012

three little pigs

Caught me red handed.. I am guilty as charged.. I have been spending most of my salaries for eating.. Now I am left with almost nothing and probably will rod out of starvation in my room.. Okay. I guess that's too extreme..

Yesterday, Anggi, Ivan and I went out to Otel Lobby and bluegrass out of the blue.. They were fully booked so we went there early and made the reservations at 4p.m.. when we arrived, the place was empty.. This is the thing I hate the most about fancy places, All of the chairs are booked for 6 p.m-late.. You have to make reservations daysssss before the it day.. Anyway, moving on from that issue, it's picture timeeeee 

Yes yes.. I'm getting chubbier each day..

That's my ginger lemon honey tea.. The stupid thing is, they don't dissolve the honey beforehand.. They separated the honey in a small glass, I ordered the iced one, those two won't dissolve.. Genius much?
I love the big clock on the wall
My view
For entres, we have OTL meatballs.. it's good, but the emping makes it look easy
Anggi ordered the aglio olio.. She said it tasted like kwetiao.. Not that great.. 
Beef Wellington.. This one is quite good.. 
If you were there, you can definitely see the smoke coming out from the inside.. It's so fragrant and warm, it made you wanna gobble everything at once..
This is my steak and onion.. Just a 200 gr steak with palenta and onion rings.. I was always curious of how palenta tastes like.. I've tried it yesterday. It's like eating runny mashed with the taste of yogurt.. The waitress had suggested me to change the palenta with mashed but I refused.. 
I gotta say, the place is definitely nice. The food was okay, not bad.. You can still find some menu that will entertain your lips. But to be honest, it wasn't special. It was good, but not special.. Overall, I will give the food a 7/10.. Visit their website by clicking HERE to see their menu and for further info

We were only allowed to stay until 6 p.m at Otel Lobby so after we finished eating, we went across to Bluegrass for dessert.. Yeah, they are famous for their rainbow cake. BUT I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE MAINSTREAMS WHO ARE CRAZY ABOUT RAINBOW CAKES, RED VELVET, BLUE VELVET, BLACK VELVET.. or whatever the next sponge cake with food colourings they are gonna create.. Those cakes are overrated! Kids these days are so hipped by almost everything that is in season..

So anyway.. ehem.. We decided to order just one dessert and share it cause we were so full.. I ordered the lychee bread pudding.. At least that is something worth trying cause it takes more effort that just making layers of sponge cakes with different colours.. *bitch please*

And before we were seated, I went to the restroom. On the way there, I saw the glass kitchen and they piled up these ribs, small, medium and humongous sizes as if they were unused clothes.. I was drooling again forgetting the fact that my tummy was screaming "HELL NO!".. They were pretty famous for their ribs but I realized I just couldn't eat anything anymore.. It was pretty dark outside, I couldn't get clear pics without using flash..

That is Bakrie Tower behind us.. and a bunch of staffs..

Otel Lobby from our table

This is the mocktail Ivan ordered. Watermelon with lemon and grapes.. 
Warm comforting bread pudding.. Nyummy! EAT THAT WITH THE COLD COLD ICE CREAM..  Makes you melt literally.. I should learn how to make this at home..

The place is great, the food looks nice. The menu is way more variable and somehow humbler.. I will definitely go back to eat in here.. But this place has the same issue as any other place. The chairs inside are empty, and yet we were all told to sit outside where the bloody sucking mosquitoes are thirsty for your blood. Beneath my table, they put an anti-mosquitoes repellent which stink quite funky.. That ruined the whole ambiance.. And I still got bitten.. 

Just remember to make reservations daysssss before you want to go there for more comfortable seats. Click HERE to go to their facebook page.. They also have breakfast on Sundays.. I recommend this place and for those of you who are a rainbow cake junkie, you might find this place as heaven.. 

After that, we just went to PI and met up with a bunch of Anggi's friends.. Then the day after, I was kidnapped, brought to chilis.. and I ate.. a.. lot...

Beautiful Skillet Queso.. only at Chili's

 I can still feel my tummy bloated.. but I regret not even a single bit.. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA..

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