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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sweet Endings

I am bloated.. *currently and literally* My stomach is bulging out.. I spent the past evening, from 6 till 8 or 9-ish in eating Taiwanese snacks..

First, I ate Taiwan Dian Xin extra crispy chicken which is in Pluit Village Mall and a cup of their delicious drink. Today I ordered the orange green tea, usually I always order the black mango tea which is superrrrr deliciousss..  I somehow prefer Taiwan Dian Xin's chicken compared to Shi Lin XXL crispy chicken.. The seasoning is bolder and you can tell the abang to always pour some more salty or spicy seasonings on your food.. Unlike ShiLin's seasonings which basically is only pepper, non-salty, the-more-you-add-the-spicier-it-gets(WHICH IS A PROBLEM TO PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO CAN'T HANDLE SPICY THINGS).. Plus they have much more choices of what you wanna fry. They have mushrooms, corns, chicken popcorn, etc etc.. The batter is also different from ShiLin's.. They use batter instead of dry ones, so you can imagine how it is..

Unfortunately, I deleted the photos and I didn't take any pictures today. But I have posted it on my instagram..

Anyway, after I finished eating that, I went home and not long after that, I went to Sweet Poetry in Muara Karang.. Go to their FB page in HERE.. They have all the information you need.. And without further ado, I will give you the previewsssss

A friendly humble place indeed

The prices are very reasonable!
We accidentally bumped into my big sis's friends who introduced her to this place. And that's just my Mom busy with her BB.. I wanna snap a picture of the whole place but it's an epic fail I guess.. 
The menu.. It's quite clear, they put both English and Indonesian, not forgetting all the pictures of toppings and some pics of the dishes
The decorations somehow feel so Taiwanese
Tang Si, which means Sweet Poetry
The drinks. I was so full already, so we didn't order any drinks.. 
Some of the delicious picturesssss
This is peanut, red beans and bubble.. Below it was shaven ice with the right amount of sweetness.. Yummy! I think they poured coconut milk on the bubble.. or maybe just milk, I'm not quite sure but it's certainly top notch
The purple and orange thingy is Q-balls. It's like Taiwanese version of biji salak.. And below it is grass jelly. So far this is the most fragrant yummy tasting grass jelly I have ever eaten.. Even my mom, who is very hard to please in the matter of tasting new things, admitted that the grass jelly is superb..
My mom loveeees ginger. The broth is ginger and on the inside, we have the Q-balls, honey beans and bubbles. The ginger broth is very pungent. So those of you who are a ginger fan, this one will please you oh so much. My mom was digging this one the whole time and kept complementing the ginger taste..
Now this one is my favorite. The thing on the top left is taro paste (I LOVE IT), next to it is the red beans,  then Q-balls, and bubbles.. Below it is the same shaven ice like the ones in the first picture.. 
Again.. it wouldn't be right if we're not narcissistic 
Lil sis
Big sis, mommy, lil sis (I don't get why she stared)

Compared to the big chain Taiwanese dessert joints (Yes I am talking about Honeymoon Dessert), I prefer this place SOOOOOO much more! First, their prices are very reasonable and they serve bigger portions.. Second, the taste is BETTER... Unlike Honeymoon Dessert which mostly offer you with fruity dishes, this one has its own niche and uniqueness.. Third, it's near to my house.. Forth, this month, they have BUY 1 GET 1 PROMO.. So yeyyy to that!

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