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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

all the things that I've done

Sorry for the absence and long haul of no new post.. I've been quite occupied with final exams..Now, I am having my 3 months of holiday, which put me in quite a pickle since I got no idea what I should be doing for such a time..

Well, what I haven't been stop doing is of course going to places to eat. I've been too lazy to edit the photos and just gonna post it straight from my Samsung Note. So, here we go..

The first place I went is located in a less glamorous location, in fact, it's quite popular for its prostitutes -___-
Don't get me wrong, I only went there for the food.. and I was with my family.. It's called WAN WEI XIANG SU KI and it is located in Lokasari. So you just go straight inside then it'll be on ur left side.. The menus are written both with Mandarin and poorly translated Indonesian. I guess most of the people who go there are Chinese.. The specialty in this place is their turtles, but my family don't eat turtles.. so for you Pi-oh lovers should definitely try this place out..

Even the utensils are just like the ones in China.. They have to sterilized it
Just the menu.. Every page is sinfully tempting..
You can see on your, we have fried shrimps (the outer skin was fried till it's so crispy u can eat the whole thing); dried chili; peanuts; sesame seed; onion; spring onions; fresh red and green chili.. It's so yummy and savory!~ 

Of course, it's not a Chinese restaurant without pork.. We were just too lazy to order the ribs, so we ordered the boneless one instead.. This is with the sweet and sour sauce.. Also very yummy

There were only the four of us so we didn't order that much..
This is green beans with salted eggs.. The best vegetable dish ever! The seafood restaurants in Jakarta usually put the salted eggs on shrimps, squids. Who knew that putting it on green beans could be so delishhhh?
Cou You Ping.. My favorite Chinese snack.. It's just flour actually and I also don't know why I am so into it. But these aren't that good compared to the ones in Little Sheep / xiao fei yang
This dish really reminds me of China.. The chicken was cut to small pieces and it makes u quite  hard to eat it cos in every piece, there is definitely bones.. but the taste.. OH MY GODDDD... Love it so muchh.. They put a lot of oil in it,so the fire keeps cooking the dish.. 
Healthy healthy.. The only way I'm gonna eat eggplant.. This is not one of the stars of the meal

Now the second place is located in a very decent location. This one is from JIUZHAI VALLEY in PIK.. They offered the same style cooking, pure Chinese dishes that haven't been influenced with Indonesian touches.. The chef is also from China, said one of the waitresses. But the menu is lesser than WAN WEI XIANG.. The things that I love from this place is the Chinese herbs, a seed-like called mala..

This is beef with veggies cooked together into a stew with lots of chili and mala.. If you can only see the black round dots, that are the mala. If you bite into one of them, ur tongue'll get numb for a while. But it's so fragrant and very different from the herbs we use in here
simple jiao zhi
Only in China I can find this..But here we are.. This is basically pork belly cut into thin slices and cooked with chili, spring onions, some spices, and again lots of oil.. YUMMY.. 
This chicken was also cut into small pieces that it was irritating to debone it on ur own, but damnnn it's salty, fragrant, so yummy that I couldn't stop taking it.. Even the chili are salty enough to be eaten with the rice alone..

If I have to compare the two places, I'll definitely go to Wan Wei Xiang for more Chinese dishes. But if we're talking bout the location, I'll definitely will go to Jiu Zhai Valley more often cause it's near my house and the area is well, not like the other one..

Both places have a typical Chinese restaurant ambiance, they really don't put much effort in warming up the place. But I don't care about it actually, the food covers it all.. Nom Nom Nom.. I'll definitely go back for some more Chinese dishes..


  1. i've tried this kind of chinese resto in mangga besar 1, the same row as top yammie. I think it's called hunan kitchen.

    very interesting indeed... pure chinese resto not indonesian chinese. ate the same small and spicy chicken with lots of oil yummy :)

  2. more oil more yummy.. *cholesterol alert* lol

  3. Nice information from your blog.
    I also love Jiuzhai Valley, but I've never been to Wan Wei Xiang. Guess I will need to go there someday ;) cause I love to eat, and love to write as well =)