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Monday, 20 August 2012

Monolog.. the coffee.. the brunch.. the lunch..

Yeah, I know Monolog isn't a new place.. I just happened to go there a couple of weeks back so VOILA, I decided to write a review of it.. When I went there, I indulged myself with their brunch menu and of course a taste of their caffeine.. I personally think brunch is the most comforting meal of the day and although it was 2 p.m when I ordered my brunch set, I didn't give the slightest damn.. MUWAHAHAHA...

Without further ado, I hope you will drool..
the menu as usual.. I love the fact that they have written all the prices with tax included.. 
this is how it looks inside.. I love the vintage, woody slash pipe-all-over-the-ceiling interior..
This is the coffee bar (I suppose) cause it's in front of the barista.. 
When you go in, this is the first thing I saw..
well.. that and this.. okay scratch it.. This was the first thing that I glared at.. who am I kidding.. lol
I ordered the latte (27k). Look how pretty it is! Okay.. ehem.. I personally love this.. I was not in that much of a mood for caffeine dozes so this drink came in handy.. It's not too strong yet I still got that smell of fresh coffee.. 
The cappuccino (27k). My sister ordered this. I didn't know what went wrong, maybe the milk was too strong, I honestly didn't know. But there was definitely a cheesy after taste in this drink. It's like as if we were drinking a cheese flavored cappuccino.. 
This is the iced cappuccino (38k)
Chicken Florentine Galette (62k). As you can see for yourself, they have a layer of crepe, topped with diced chicken and mushrooms with super yummy creamy sauce.. I love it. If you like chicken, this is definitely the right choice for you..
Sunrise Breakfast set (73k). The wheat bread was freshly made! I can smell how fragrant it was.. In the middle we have sauteed mushrooms. I loveeee mushrooms so three thumbs up for their mushrooms. The omelette was perfect, it's soft and creamy just how I like it!
This was what I ordered. It's the omelette breakfast set (78k). Oh I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.. You can choose the fillings for your omelette.. I chose mushrooms and ham. And no, this wasn't one of those pretentious omelette with little fillings. This one will indulge your cravings for brunch! In the middle we have pan roasted potatoes, which I also love to the max! super yummy!
This is the Monolog Egg Cheese Burger (78k). I didn't get to try it, but there were two of us who ordered this and the two of them found this really yummy. There's a sunny side up between the layers.. 
This is the grilled salad (58k)
Overall, I like this place. I think I will definitely go back for more.. I didn't try any of the cakes though.. Too full.. Seriously, my omelette was so thick with fillings yet fluffy and creamy at the same time which was pure bliss.. I gave 8/10 for their food.. The ambiance and service are great too.. I think it's a nice place to hang out with your friends.. Whether it is day or night time.. 

Bam! Baby Nathan is in the house yo!
my big sis and her friend, Anya.. my companies for the day.. 
Plaza Senayan Level 1 CP 101 B
Palm Gate Entrance
Jl. Asia Afrika no 8, Jakarta
Phone : (021) 572 5144
website : http://monolog-coffee.com/
twitter : @monologcoffee

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