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Friday, 3 August 2012

to convive...

Yes Yes Yes.. I love hanging out, whether it's with a large or small group of people, I just love to hang out..
A few weeks ago, I spent my Saturday night with my big sis's friends.. We went to Convivium to try their food..

And it struck me. I was curious what convivium means.. Well, I suppose it came from the word convive, which means an eating or drinking companion, can also be interpreted as a banquet or a feast.. Okay, enough of the split second of literature enlightenment.. As a literature student, I guess I miss being a literature junkie..

When I first walked into the place, I got that humble warm comfortable kind of atmosphere. The thing is the place is just an ordinary house, decorated to the max, which I think is very smart.. I am kinda sick of going to fancy overrated places where the waiters don't even bother to get what you want.. For a change, it's very nice to visit Convivium. It's so humble, not sure you can use that adjective to describe a place, but I couldn't get any other words that I think suit this place best..

rustic menu.. Just how I like it..
They also sell different types of cheese..
Affettati E Formaggi, I remembered watching Jamie Oliver saying that term.. They are the types of cheese and ham that they have.. Truth to be told, I don't understand a thing except parmigiano, mozzarella, and pancetta.. lol
Pretty lamps
Simple cute decorations
The decorations aren't fancy but they're too darn cute
Our table is next to this huge black board.. We were intrigued at an instant to order this dessert..
Group photo.. I'm the youngest of the bunch
Took away their red velvet cakes for my sister's friend..
Mediterranean Salad (35k).. I love how they use enough balsamic to season things up.. They use tuna on top.. The onions are definitely not your usual onions.. They're very fragrant and spicy.. I am an onion lover, so yes I love it! 
THE BEST MUSHROOM CREAM SOUP (35K) IN TOWN.. It's so thick and warm, aaaaah, it's heaven.. lol.. Imagine a bowl of love, well this is a bowl of love.. 
Tagliatelle Porcini (80K).. Another type of pasta, tagliatelle.. porcini is a type of mushroom..  My sis's friend said it's nice..
Rigatoni Della Nonna (105K) I love how generous they are with the cheese..
Straccetti Cream Mushroom (100k) It's so creamy, it's to die for.. But if you eat a portion alone, you'll get quite sick of the creaminess. I think it's really delicious! But I couldn't finish this alone, I think it's best for sharing..

Rigatoni Salmone (85K) Another creamy pasta. It's yummy, but once again, if you are not accustomed to eating  creamy food, I suggest you share the meal.. What I love about this type of pasta, all those creaminess is saved inside that hollow space.. Creaminess in every bite..
This is what I ordered, it's Tagliata con Grana el Balsimico (130K). Three words.. I. LOVE. IT. It's very fresh! The  beef is medium well, so tender it literally melts in your mouth.. The tomatoes and balsamic vinegar are a perfect match and it balances out the whole dish.. After trying out creamy pasta, I still able to finish this meal all by myself..  I love how they include salad in the dish, so healthy.. 
Nananana... This is the dessert which is on the big board next to us.. Gelato Sorbetto Sampler (70K). It's definitely something else.. I am sick of the whole rainbow red velvet cake, so we decided to order this instead.. 
Starting from the left side, we have chili, bacon, lychee, earl grey, lime rosemary, vanilla balsimico, red velvet, orange basil, squid ink, and last but not least, risotto mascarpone .. FUNKY INDEED.. not your everyday dessert for sure.. I love the lime rosemary. It's quite bitter but I love how fresh it is.. My sis loves the earl grey flavor.. Well, the bacon flavor is just too funky for us.. But one of my sis's friends loveee the chili flavor and finished the whole think.. spicy.. :p 
I definitely recommend this place. I think it's a very nice place to have simple yummy creamy fresh Italian dishes.. I love the place, I love the atmosphere, I love the whole concept of the place.. and once again I love how humble it is.. Really a nice place to hang out and laugh your times out with your loved ones..

Convivium Cafe Deli
Jl. Panglima Polim IX no 1, Jakarta 12160
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/conviviumdeli
Opening hours : they're closed every Monday..
Tue - Thu:10:00 am-10:30 pm
Fri - Sat:10:00 am-11:00 pm
Sun:11:00 am-10:30 pm


  1. well, it is.. but I do think it's worth a try.. never taste any creamier pasta than this one..

  2. love how they present the dessert. looks so yummy yet creative :)

  3. Been here many times,tried their RVC and not really impressed. I will stick to their pasta next time..

    1. lol.. cobain dhe pastanya creamy bgt.. tp lama2 enek sih klo kebanyakan..