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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Taiyo Sushi.. not Cruz..

I just had dinner in Taiyo Sushi near my house with my high school friends.. They just re-opened their Sushi restaurant after the renovation and tonight was the first time we visited it again.. The place didn't change much but I can definitely see more tables and more space for customers..

I have always LOVE the sushi there.. My friends are all crazy about this place too.. When they closed down the restaurant for the renovation, we thought they somehow went bankrupt and we all were very disappointed.. So when we found out that they're just being renovated, we were so thrilled.

The thing is they have a special mayo cheese sauce that my friends and I all ADORE.. andddd I also love how they grill some of the sushi, it makes the sushi has a hint of grilled scent which I LOVE so MUCH!

The decorations somehow reminded me of LV symbol.. I know they're not the same.. -__-"
Sushi bar
Wood interior..

While waiting for the sushi.. 

Yes, Teng ordered more sushi for a second round

After some time, VOILAAA... Le sushi is finally here!~ Well, we didn't order all at once, we had two rounds of sushi..

Salmon Belly Sashimi (38k) I like the texture of Salmon belly~ More chewy, somehow fatty but yummy..
Tempura Crunchy Roll (32k) I think this dish would be very good if the tempura is served hot or warm.. It's still very much crunchy though.. 
Unagi Salmon Special (54k) I remember it used to have a very strong grilling scent in a good way.. If u can see the side of the sushi, it has a some kind of charcoal marks.. well, there's the magic 
Mozzarella Mentai Yaki (28k) They put their special mayo sauce with another layer of melted mozzarella.. Oh yummy to the max.. Inside is pieces of salmon sashimi.. 
Salmon Skin Fried (22k) I love how crispy it is.. I can eat a bucket of this without complaining.. 
Gyu Enoki (36k) Basically it is rolled beef filled with enoki.. I like the sauce, it's sweet but it compliments the dish
Cheese Mentai Roll (48k) Perfectness.. Cheese and mayo.. super guilty pleasure! HAHAHA.. I have no regret! Even though before this I spent an hour at the gym sweating like a pig.. worth it.. 
Volcano (48k) On top is the mayo sauce, inside was pieces of sashimi and you have to dig it up  to get the whole rice and fish.. A messy one indeed.. Three of us dropped our rice and fish when we're trying to put it into our mouth.. 
Aburi Mozzarella Roll (56k) I would say this is one of my favorite fusion sushi ever.. It's sweet and salty at the same time.. The floss is sweet but the mayo makes it savory..  Plus I dipped it to the soy sauce with a little of chili powder.. PURE LOVE
Taiyo Special Roll (52k) ALSO VERY YUMMY.. I love all the fusion sushi that we ordered tonight! Each of us made an "OH MY GOD IT'S SO FREAKIN GOOD, YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!" expression every time we tasted a new type of sushi.. 
I have been craving to eat fusion sushi for quite some time.. and apparently Sushi Tei has now failed to fulfill me with those cravings.. The last time I went there, their crunchy roll was not even crunchy. It was really bad..

So after visiting Taiyo Sushi tonight, I am quite impressed.. and my cravings are certainly fulfilled.. I loveeeeee their fusion sushi. The staffs are great, the food is wonderful.. I definitely recommend this place to hang out..

Unlike big fusion sushi restaurants, Taiyo sushi still has a niche that makes the place special enough... I rated the food 9/10.. I personally loveeee all the mayo and cheese sauce so yeah I am a big fan.. plus each sushi has the right mixture of texture, from the crunchy bits to the soft sashimi and the glutinous rice.. Ooh, plus we got a 20% disc tonight.. Hihihihihi...

Jln. Pluit Putera Raya no 17
Jakarta Utara


  1. hmm will try after reading this. i never believe in random jap place in pluit area, had a bad experience with that jap place in pluit junction

    1. Ouh that sushi mame..they went bankrupt..all of my friends who had been there also said it's really bad..

  2. I love the Taiyo Special Roll so much. Don't u agree vin? :p And btw, who is crispier, is it me or the salmon skin fried? HAHAHA. Nice post btw vin