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Friday, 30 November 2012

Beatrice Quarters : a Lil' French Escape

I really laughed a lot today. Oh boy, do I really need it! My crazy friends, who randomly somehow can be close to me even though we don't go to the same school or university, "kidnapped" me. Sometimes I still wonder about my friendship with these people, how the hell can I be inside their circle of friends? Well, I love them anyway and I have always enjoyed my times being "kidnapped" by them. ANYWAYYYYYY....

Dilmah Earl Grey Tea (35k)
Okay.. For starters, how cute is that teddy bear tea pot?

I just got back from Beatrice Quarters in Pantai Indah Kapuk. It was not my first visit and most definitely won't be my last. I actually have reviewed it in my blog before so this post will be considered as a re-visit review. Each time I go there, I just feel this place has the cutest theme among those numerous-ever-growing-new-restaurants in PIK. It has that niche for feminine adorable touches.. But, besides of the cute tableware, the restaurant also offers you with delicious fusion of French Italian dishes, from papillote to pasta, from risotto to rice pizzas (the rice is definitely nothing Italian). Oh, not forgetting their cute yummy beverages and desserts..

We were kind of barbaric as we were all very hungry. At first, it was quite hard for me to decide what to eat as the menu really give you a variety of choices. From poultry to wagyu, they seem to have it all. The staffs were very patient in handling our table. The only thing that I had to complain about is the length of time needed to serve our food. Fortunately, my friends and I made ourselves busy. We were chit chatting nonstop and maybe some part of us had forgotten that we were hungry at that moment.

Picture time...

One of the outdoor seats... Isn't it just adorable?
Please do mind Kendrick's EPIC face on the right side.. We sat ourselves on the very back of the cafe..
Silly us taking photos of our reflection from the golden teddy teapot..
Even the menu is uber cute
The Feast... 

From left to right : Illusion (Blueberry with milky blended-consistency for 28k), Iced lemon tea with Iced Lemonade
Fish and Chips (33k)
Herbes John Dory with butter rice and butter cream pesto sauce. It's very fresh indeed. Too bad the portion is quite tiny. The boys may ask for more.. (that's what my friend did, he ordered another)
Bacon Egg Carbonara Fettucini (35k)
Basil Bacon and Egg fettucini (35k). The basil is quite pungent and pesto-like. Since I am a fan of pesto, I like the taste of it.. But if you're not a pesto fan, then I won't recommend this one..
Carbonara Bacon and Egg spaghetti (35k). Yes, both the carbonara pasta are yummy! Should I say they are very creamy-aromatic..
Rissotto Rototo di Pollo (55k). It's rissotto with chicken roll. 
The sauce completed the meal. The chicken was perfect, not too dry. The rissotto was creamy enough.. 
While we were eating the main courses, it started pouring down heavy rain and instead of running to the car which was parked very far away from the place, we decided to stay put and order some desserts (although we were full).. 


Chocolate Banana Toast (55k). 10cm of bread with Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sundae, cream and slices of banana. What can possibly go wrong?
Classic Honey Toast (35k). Both the toasts are yummy. I love the outer texture of the bread, especially when it is soaked with the melted ice cream or chocolate sundae. Superrrrrr yummy... 
I was too busy having fun and laughing my ass off in this place that I had forgotten to take home the receipt. Maybe you guys realized that some of the prices are missing above. The receipt (after tax) showed that we spent Rp 516.000 for all of the food, desserts and drinks.. Oh, they are having this promo of getting a free Classic honey toast for every 500k purchase so we decided to take away our free toast as we just couldn't possibly fit anything more in.

P.S : My belly is in a serious bloated condition right now -___-"

Beatrice Quarters
Jl. Marina Ruko Crown blok B 26
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Phone : 081322157245
Website : http://www.beatricequarters.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Beatrice-Quarters/166864063404917


  1. so eager to try the john dorry :) it looks so tempting!

  2. The egg carbonara looks really good.*drolls*