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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sweet Treats for a sweet tooth : Le Sucre Du Patisserie

Hush! Picture and imagine it with me. It's a black and white French setting with a presence of a lady, for the first time, realizing that, what's in front of her, makes her really happy. She found her passion. To find that enlightenment brought that sweetest smile on her face. In my case, it brought me the sweetest treats..

Entrer Le Sucre Du Patisserie, an online patisserie specializing in macarons, which offers you with high quality desserts. All of their products are made with no preservatives and some ingredients are imported to bring the best out of the flavors. The lady behind it made quite a keen turn from studying chemical engineering to studying at Le Cordon Blue, Los Angeles. She realized that she has fallen in love with the French sweet delicate and decided to pursue her passion and turn it into a career. A convenient blessing it is to have finally discover what you love and make a living out of it. I have to agree that sometimes, in life, we have to stop every once in a while, take that courageous distinctive turn, and find out where that turn will take you.. Who knows, it might take you to a better place. For me, that turn is to stop being so cynical about macarons, oh.. and hello kitties..

I am definitely not a Hello Kitty or a macaron lover, but to open a black box of Hello Kitty macarons can't erase the fact that I am still in bound to the normal girly reaction. Aside from being amazed at the first sight, I found them surprisingly neat and very pretty. Let alone the skills needed to make normal macarons, these are CHARACTERIZED macarons! I assumed it takes more than just needed skills to have revolutionized normal macarons to another whole level.

The kitties are coffee flavored while the ribbons are chocolate and the strawberries are red velvet. So much for thinking the strawberries will be flavored as strawberries..

Unfortunately, the Hello Kitty seasons are over. To order these cute babies, you have to make a pre-order and they have different characters along the way.. Right now, they are having a Rilakkuma pre-order.

Moving on! The classic good ol' traditional macarons!

There were 12 of these inside the box and if you pay good attention, there were only nine on the plates. Pardon the greedy moi. I just couldn't help myself not to take a bite while taking it out! ;p

Le Sucre offers you with a variation of yummy flavors. They have blueberry cheesecake, pistachio, red velvet, lemon, green tea, coffee, salted caramel, nutella, chocolate, rose and Reese's Peanut Butter! I haven't tried the cheese and durian flavors and very intrigued to the unique idea of tasting it.

Can't find Reese's Peanut Butter macaron anywhere else, can ya?

This is the rose flavored, which I found extremely lovely. Light and fragrant. One of my favorites!
I have to say several flavors have definitely became my favorites! Starting from rose, blueberry cheesecake, which tasted like heavenly blueberry gum, to the good Reese's peanut butter ones. However, I still can't manage to finish all in one seating. I only dare to take one bite out of each to make my verdict. As much as I enjoyed the tasting part, after several bites, I was back to the cynical me who thinks that macarons are just too sweet. Five of those and I started to feel my body rejecting the idea of how I might have turned into a macaron lover. Don't get me wrong, I am a sweet tooth myself but gah, blame that cynical me! I thought my courageous turn has brought me somewhere new when I realized it was the same old, same old path. I even thought that another reason macarons get to be so expensive is because you are not meant to have so many of it at once, aside from the ingredients and expertise to make it.

If you are as cynical as I, then don't worry because Le Sucre also offers you with cakes..

Red Velvet cupcake with little red velvet macaron on top!
Salted Caramel Cupcake. Look at that oozing melted caramel! 
Truth to be told, I only got to try the red velvet cupcake. When I went back home, the salted caramel has managed to gone M.I.A (read: eaten by either my brother or sister). Both cupcakes were okay. The red velvet has cream cheese icing which I found crucial! I know I said that I am cynical towards macarons but somehow I had more fun gobbling the macarons. Maybe that turn I took left me more open minded.

Just like the story of the lady  behind Le Sucre Du Patisserie, I hereby declare that yes, sometimes in life, we have to stop for a while, look around for that potential turn, with a kick of being a bit reckless, a bucket of bravery, and a ton of optimism, you might find yourself in a better state..

Visit their facebook for more info!
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LeSucreDuPatisserie
Phone : 0812-8181-833
BB pin : 276BB354

1 box: 12 pc 120.000 IDR (mix up to 6 flavors)

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