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Saturday, 7 April 2012

i love rabbits.. but...

I have just gone back home from Jackrabbit in Rasuna Said road.. For more info for their whereabouts you can click here.. You can see the menu in the website..

The first impression when I went inside the restaurant was very good. I'm impressed with the hospitality and the design of the place.. It has a cool vibe that really invites you to sit down there with your buddies and enjoy your weekend with a few drinks.. 

Now now.. I usually give royal compliments to restaurants I visited.. But I simply can't afford to give one to Jackrabbit. Yes, it is a nice place to hang out, but not for the hungry ones. I don't know for sure whether that place concentrates more on the drinks or the food. As far as I'm concerned, they have plenty of choices of drinks compared to the food. You can see from the menu itself. Not just that, but the quality of the food itself is very disappointing.. 

I was accompanied by Ivan and we're expecting great food as both of  us were hungry. But the things that we found yummy were only the drinks and the complimentary breads..

Let me just post the pics..

Apple Mojito and Peach tea. The peach tea was okay, but they put a lot of bits of peaches inside that I found it hard to drink it through the straw as they got stuck there.. Apple mojito --> yummy

this is the 12hrs pork belly.. Quite okay but it didn't blow us away like we've expected.. Plus too many of this, you'll get sick from the fats before you start the entree.. 

Baby back Pork Ribs with mashed. Now, this one was a disappointment. First of all, the sauce was too sweet both for Ivan and myself. Second of all, the greens below the pork were alarmingly salty! It's like the chef has accidentally poured down a bowl of salt in it. He kept complaining how uneven the salt was on the pork but I ignored him. Eventually, he left the greens and I tried it.. I was shocked myself. If I tasted it earlier, I would have told him to return it to the kitchen!

Now this is a duck confit risotto. Looks yummy, right? Sorry but this one is just okay. They use cheap chinese mushrooms that absorbs a lot of liquid. The risotto was al dente but too dry for my taste. It was also alarmingly salty. The taste is too bold for a risotto. And the ducks were only little bits of shredded ones. The smell of the duck somehow didn't go well with the dish. I don't know whether they don't use fresh duck or not, but the smell isn't flattering at all. I only ate half of it.. Ironically, this dish was created by the chef..

I love rabbits, but I don't like this particular Jackrabbit. Lately I have been obsessed with  Risottos and compared to the risottos I had in Toscana, this one is a dashing hope. Even Ivan who eats everything was disappointed.

Overall, I recommend this place for those who wanna hang out and have drinks with their friends, but I don't recommend the food

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