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Sunday, 15 April 2012

it's Porterhouse

Yes, I've been eye-ing on this place before it was opened. They put a big screen with the opening count down and I know it's a part of the marketing strategy but I was one among those who felt utterly self-exciting for the countdown. Even though I wasn't sure what kinda place it's gonna be..

One of my friends have tried it before, and every night, this place is packed. So last Saturday noon, I was in the neighborhood and decided to eat in here..

Before we move on, let me just give the facebook page of Porterhouse for more info.. Click HERE

First of all, this place reminded me A LOT of Bali. It is half outdoor and indoor. They open all the doors so basically you can feel the outside weather... The second story of Porterhouse is not that spacious but it has a special table for those that come in a number of groups..

As usual, picture time.. I managed to snap a few pictures from my Samsung Note.. Here it is..

 Outside space of Porterhouse PIK.. Cute indeed, Bali ambiance indeed.

 If you're going to the second story of the restaurant, you'll come across this. I found it very funny..

All wood interior  

One of the types of 
seating upstairs.. I just sat in the ordinary wood chairs..

This is the view of the 1st level from the second story of the restaurant..To be exact, this is the middle of the whole place...

P o r t e r h o u s e 

My view from my side of the table
Moving on to the food..

As usual, Ivan ordered watermelon juice with no sugar. While I ordered the lemon tea. See the white thingy on my lemon tea, it's lemon sorbet.. Yummy .. But still, Social House's classic grandma lemon tea is the best..

Javanese Shrimp Cocktail.. Very scrumptious. But too salty!

Ivan ordered the risotto. This one is seafood. It was ordinary.. but still Okay..

I ordered the Norwegian Grilled Salmon. I gotta admit this is very delicious. What I like the most bout this dish is the combination of the salty mashed which was placed below the fish, and the sweet sauce on top of the fish. Second, I don't know if they didn't think it through, but placing the mashed all over the plate like this is GENIUS! Every bite I got a mixture of savory and sweetness.. Pure Yumminess! *okay I just made that word up*

I'll definitely come back for more food. The place is way beyond decent, the concept is there. The drinks are plenty since it's also a bar. They have quite a selection of wines. All I can say to Porterhouse is KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I do recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a place to hang or even have a nice meal or just a drink or two.. Yum yum yumm..


  1. PIK is packed with places like this... heard some bad rumors bout this place, overpriced and no good. Tried this place but only snacks and martinis (both just okay) and I agree, reminded me of bali toooo :)

  2. well, to be realistic, there are loads of these kinds of places all over the town that enhances more in the ambiance rather than paying attention to the food.. but in my opinion, the food here is still okay..

  3. I was there yesterday,I wonder why all the window's glasses in the second floor looks so dirty...pity while others look okay.