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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Monday Laughs

My college friends and I, we spend a lot of time in the campus but barely outside the campus. Since we have an off day on every Tuesday, we decided to hang out on every Monday night.. The other reason is to avoid traffic and fully booked seats..

We headed off to Kemang, not knowing what to eat.. so we just crashed into the first thing we saw, which was MIYA8I SUSHI.(we have also been craving to eat sushi from days before it, but couldn't get any). Follow their twitter @SUSHI_MIYA8I 

I couldn't take pics of the sushi we ordered cause my samsung note ran out of battery. This was taken with Ano's samsung galtab.. The sushi on the left side used spicy mayo with the crunch sprinkled all over it.. The right side is baked tuna with mayo.. I didn't have the picture of another sushi we ordered

Dessert! What's life without a little bit of sweetness?
MIYA8I Sirloin steak with mushroom black pepper sauce. The steaks are surprisingly yummy for quite a low price. I was shocked that even though it didn't look like much, but the meat was so tender and the sauce was yummy, that today, which is Thursday, Ano and I crave for it!
This is the local tenderloin for 39k, the imported one is around 40k if I'm not mistaken..ALSO YUMMY
Then we headed off to Casa, above aksara kemang... We were just looking for a place with air conditioner cause it was bloody hot.. Since it was a Monday, the place was sooo empty compared to the weekends.. Anyway, Lidia and Kevin decided they were gonna order martinis.. while Ano and I, well, we prefer to go with the virgins..

Casa's all time favorites
Sherman posing a pose
Casa Strawberry and Lychee martini
My virgin mojito.. Tasted like colgate, in a good way
Baba the wise

Casa cocktail book.. I think it's adorable they have a separate menu just for cocktails..very detailed indeed

Kevin was really thinking what to order

 Each of us has a reason to go out on that day. We all have our personal problems and we shared it with each other. Somehow, the things that you think are sooo bad in your life, could turn out to be quite funny when you share it with the right people.. Instead of feeling sad, I went home feeling contented with my life, including with whatever things that are in my life, good or bad.. When I share my problems with them, somehow it turned out funny.

We laughed to it, we laughed about it, we laughed for it..

So yeah, that phrase when they say, when you share your sadness it will be lessen, and when you share your happiness it will be multiplied.. I think that's totally true.. well, if you have the right people to share it with..

In another ten years, there's no guarantee that we still going to hang out with one another, but I sure feel glad I met these people in my life right now.. :)

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