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Saturday, 28 April 2012

the sweet, the yummy, the goods

Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting

Dark Chocolate Rum Cake with cashew cookies

The rest of the fresh made cakes! The one on the left is the lemon poppy seeds

Easter Chocolatessss

Cute, right?

Yes, you can have 'em.. You can have 'em all..

If you're craving for something sweet, yes, I suggest you go to this place.. The Baked Goods! click HERE to go to their web and find out their location..

I visited this place a few weeks ago, but haven't got the time to blog about it.. Interesting fact, besides the yummy desserts you can have here, it turns out the owner of the baked goods is....

The famous... The handsome... ERWIN PARENGKUAN...

's wife.. Yep.. the owner of the baked goods is his beautiful wife, Jana..

Pretty and knows how to bake! The perfect housewife!
The best thing in the baked goods is actually the traditional Czech desserts like Pavlova and Bublanina, which recipes was inherited by her Czech grandma.. The quality is top notch. They really made it fresh with original ingredients, so now essential flavorings.. In the interview I found, she said she squeezed her own lemons to make the lemon poppy seed cake.. 

I also ordered the fruit cake, but before I had the chance to snap the picture, it was attacked by my mom and one of her friend, as it was the healthiest thing we ordered on that night.. -____- They were all like scared of touching the chocolate. But they had a bite and I could see the regret expression from them tasting that bite. They have to finish the healthy cakes while I got to treasure my dark chocolate rum.. *EVIL LAUGH*. My big sis had the carrot cake..It's very light and yummy! Also my favorite.. 

They serve other things like quiche, hampers, cookies, etc.. Since it was Easter, they still have all the Easter chocolates 

YUMMY YUMMY YUM.. Recommended for a sweet escape!

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