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Monday, 16 April 2012

Brunch is for ladies

NARCISSISM.. Cause that's how we like it.. 

Okay.. enough with the self pics.. So last Sunday, my siblings and I headed to Cazbar for brucnh. Yes, it's a bar, but they also serve breakfast, lunch, dinner.. And at night, BAM, it's a bar.. They also have a sports bar upstairs with pool tables and darts, etc. So technically, it's an all in one place. My big sis, Elisse, was like craving for brunch and some place new. So there we at.. Click HERE to go to their web.. They have the menu in their website..

When you walk inside the place, you'll see...

Cazbar Mega Kuningan bar view.. 

Yep, that's the main entrance.. and look what they got there..

Yes, it's a beer pong!!

The place was quiet just like how we expected. There was only the three of us and two friendly waitresses..We didn't order anything fancy, just humble breakfast dishes..

Cazbar Cappuccino 

Now now, this is embarrassing.. This was what Elva ordered and I completely forgot the name of the dish. All I know, it's mashed with sour cream, just like how the Germans like it. The sausage was okay.. 

Steak and Eggs.. Yes, the steak is very small indeed, but it's yummy. I think they marinated it very well, so it doesn't really matter that it's too dry, it's still good. Oh The sauteed mushrooms are TOP NOTCH.. They use onions and bay leaves to make it fragrant.. Surprisingly, I couldn't finish it. I EAT A LOT, and even though this looks very pretentiously little, I can't finish the whole thing.. I left the hash and egg yolks..

English Breakfast.. Gotta love the sausages, bacon, grilled tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, hash browns, baked beans and scrambled.. Classic.

The staffs are very FRIENDLY.. They dressed up very casually, just shorts and tank tops with sandals.. One of them was listening to ipod when taking our orders.. lol.. I know it sounded very unprofessional, but I think it matches the bar theme. It just wouldn't fit in very well if the ladies there wear formal uptight uniform. They even chatted with us and asked for our opinions on the food, making interactions when they know they can leave us alone at our business. Sometimes I do think the staffs attitude towards customers is crucial indeed. Since many foreigners visit Cazbar, they speak English quite fluently.. I was left with a very good impression about the place and the people there..

The food was yummy. We didn't order much cause the point of going there was only to eat some breakfast and we just can't eat much in the morning.. I recommend this place to you all who are looking for a quiet place to eat breakfast. Those who are looking for a new place to drink, then this is definitely the place for you! The first story is quite small but still spacious and they have another room beside the bar.. I didn't go up to the second story so I don't know how the sports bar looks like..

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