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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Japanese Shabu Shabu, NABEDOURAKU (a branch from Ikkousha)

Last week, I went to Nabedouraku, which is a Japanese Shabu Shabu restaurant. It's another branch from Ikkousha, the famous Japanese Ramen restaurant. The place is only a few houses away from Ikkousha (the original branch in Muara Karang Raya).. The atmosphere is almost the same as Ikkousha, you know them Japanese loveee great hospitality.. They screamed "welcome" in Japanese so loud.. The place is better than Ikkousha, but still it's quite small.

Their restaurant symbol is that dragon. They still have the discounted promo
We are awfully hungry.. We arrived at like 5 p.m.. The place is still empty

Still having the chance to be narcissistic.. Can't you notice the picture behind us.. 
The menu is so big!
They don't have that much of food varieties.. I think they're trying to focus on the shabu2

It's quite pricey. They came in a small personal pot.. Scroll down for more info
See, them Japanese made the waiter/waitress stand like waiting for a door prize.. Great hospitality but I found it funny

As you can read it for yourself, it's the Fried Sliced Pork. For one stick, it'll cost you around 10k. Which I think is very pricey. It's just Ok.. Nothing so special about it.. They came with two sauces, first is somewhat like mayo sauce, the second one is plum sauce

The complimentary Chawan Mushi. Since they're still new, they are giving free Chawan Mushi  for you to review, later at the end of your meal..
This is the set combo. This one is "Kuah Naga Putih Ayam". They only came with one slice of chicken breast, one shitake, few cuts of tofu, few meatballs and veggies. And it cost you like 98k before tax.. The broth is delicious. Haven't tasted anything like that before, so warm and rich in flavor, but still, I think it's overpriced. I added another 15k to get the congee set. 
Not only it looks good, but it tastes good as well! But the portion is too small!

After they put all the veggies..This one is with the "Kuah Naga Merah" broth. It's spicier. I prefer this one though, more flavorful!
Basically, this is another personal pan with only the broth. Then they put in a bowl of rice and cooked it in front of you till it turned into a congee like texture, then they added an egg and some spring onions. Voilaaa.. Congee set done! It's delicious! The rice was soaked with all that yummy flavors! 

tempting.. and it surprises me, that one bowl of rice can feed the three of us.. It has expanded itself.. 
Late comer is the one on the left!

Another late comers.. They ordered another set though.. 
Udon complimentary.. They're giving you surveys about what's good and what's not. We were stuffed! But since it's free and there were like 3 boys in our table, we couldn't afford to refuse the offer.. lol.. I prefer the rice. The udon just can't soaked in that much flavor..
I love the congee set! I love how the rice turned mushy and soaked with the broth.. I know this restaurant is quite pricey. You can order other meat and veggies to add in to your broth but it's not that cheap. If you're looking for something new and some humble Japanese expats (They're really humble! One of the bosses cooked for one of the guests by himself), then this is the place to try. My favorite is the Kuah Naga Merah..

A slight info, I know the place is run by Japanese, but the ones who opened it is Indonesians.. I heard some chinese uncle talking in hokkian (Chinese Medanese dialect) and I'm guessing that's them.. lol..

blub blub blub.. cooking away!

Jln. Pluit Karang Raya (After Sedap Malam Restaurant)


  1. Had been waiting for someone to review about this place. The congee and personal hotpot looks delicious. *drooling*

  2. i reckon it's perfect for a gloomy, rainy night hehe

  3. i love the kuah naga merah :p wait for my review too :) don't like the congee, tastes like baby food hahhha

  4. @Ivy : Yes.. u should try it sometime.. :)
    @Irene : uuuhhh, it's currently raining and ur comment makes me crave for some more of this..
    @Aris : I loveeee the congee.. Well, I love mushy baby food like.. lol..