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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Moroccan Jewel

I was craving for Middle Eastern food, so I decided to try this Middle Eastern restaurant called Maroush..
They serve Indian food as well, which is a plus point for me.. Being in Mahatma Gandhi School since I was a kid made me LOVE Indian food..

When I entered the place, I couldn't get anymore excited! Well, for a Moroccan Restaurant, Maroush really puts the real deal even into the tiniest detail of the restaurant.. My friends and I were amazed at the gorgeous interior, the ambiance is just amazing, the hospitality is super, and the food is delicious indeed.. Okay without further ado, let me just show you the pictures.. 

Disclaimer : Some photos are taken from Michael Anggi's SLR. You'll be able to tell the difference which one is whose..

Starting from the place...

Welcome to Maroush.. Even the main door excites me with what's within..
They're also offer you with shisha
The table we sat in
Basically, the place is quite big. They have separated rooms.. I love this room the best! So magical,  reminds me a lot like I'm in some sort of an exotic castle..
I guess this room is perfect for meetings.. See how spacious and how perfect this room is for a private party..
Still in the same room..  It's the continuation of the right side of the picture above
The red light gives the room its mystical middle eastern touch
Told you they really put in the real deal even to the tiniest detail
Another semi private room, they can cover this place with a curtain.. Perfect for a small family gathering.. I love how elegant the arrangement is
Wine cellar.. BOOZE!
 Let's move on to the food, shall we..?

The Menu
Look at the cutlery, they're so unique!
Complimentary appetizers.. The left one is raisins with peanuts and the right one is herby olives. I don't usually like olives, but I love their olives! It doesn't smell like one anymore.. The herbs had been absorbed so well..
Mango Lassi(35k).. It's basically mango juice with what I'm guessing, milk
Saourary Lassy(35k).. This drink is unique indeed. It's yogurt with salt. Not only it is sour, it's also has a salty kick. Maybe not all people will be a fan of this drink but I personally thinks it's refreshing 
Ayran(45k). This is basically also yogurt. But I just don't get this drink. When you stir it with the straw, it'll look runny, but once you sip it to your mouth, somehow it feels so dense.. Not a fan.. 
This is the Moroccan Tea Pot(25k).. I LOVE IT.. It's basically just tea with sugar but the mint leaf changes everything.. With the warm tea, it really enhances the smell of the mint.. 
4 Favorite Dips in one Plate (98k). For starters, the waiter recommended us with this dish. Starting from the one on the top left . It is hummus (Mashed chic peas), beside it is some kind like chili but it's not that spicy, on the right below is a salsa-like sauce, with diced tomatoes.. very fresh.. I personally love the hummus dipping, hell, I love them all
The dipping comes with the bread.. It's definitely different from the ones in Italian restaurants (well, duhhh.. -_-")
Yey the food is here! There were only the four of us, so we didn't order that much
The tagine.. I love how bold the colour is
Chicken Tagine with Almonds(115k). I love this dish so much! It's fragrant and the almonds just add another texture to the plate.. Yummy! The top is a mashed potato fritter
The vegetable couscous..  It's just not complete without couscous.. Perfect rice substitution.. They also have a clear broth as the sauce to put on top of your couscous if you want it.. I like to eat it plain just like that..  
Royal Grill Plate(200k).. Basically this is various meat cooked in shish kebab style.. On top is the lamb kebab which looks like sausages, then they have shrimp, fish, vegetables, and chicken as well.. 
 Of course, we also took narcissistic pictures

In conclusion, I love this place. I love the atmosphere and I definitely love the food.. Well, if you like Indian food, I think you will love this place.. That night when I went there, there was a bunch of Indians who were having a private party in the main room, so they moved out all the chairs. It's a bummer I didn't get to see its normal arrangements ..

The waiter is very patient in explaining you the details of the dishes.. So if you are new at this, don't be scared, ask them about what's inside the dish that you feel like ordering. I definitely loveeee this place. It's good to have a different meal once in a while.. A different place, a different atmosphere.. 

Crown Plaza Hotel 2nd Floor
Jl. Jend Gatot Subroto Kav 2-3
Jakarta Selatan
Phone : 021-52892431


  1. lassi is indian yoghurt drink :)

    i've been meaning to try this place for a while, heard this is THE best middle eastern place in jakarta at the moment

    1. hmm,, i am pretty sure i didn't taste any yoghurt that night.. lol

  2. hiii, salam kenal juga, aku link juga yah blogmu ;)
    tempatnya menarik yah, jadi penasaran

    1. @anak jajan : iya lucu lho tempatnya..klo demen makanan2 middle eastern boleh dicoba dhe