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Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Duck goes Quack Quack.. I went wek wek

We were at Bebek Tepi Sawah, Ubud, Bali last year
We took corny pictures as well
They really have a rice field behind the restaurant.. 
Bebek Tepi Sawah in Ubud, Bali serves the best crispy duck I've ever eaten so far.. I have missed it so bad that it hurts.. Okay, I am over reacting, but yes I do miss it.. So, when I saw they have a branch in Living World Mall, I was super excited to get my hands on some of their crispy ducks!

After a long time of waiting, both to be seated and to have the food on our table..
The metropolitan version of Bebek Tepi Sawah is finally here
They tried to put the Bali essence in the design as much as possible
Fancy drinks
Famous Bali Sambal. My favorite is the one on the left. It's basically sliced shallots and chili, not too spicy. The middle one is so spicy! I can't bare it.. The one on the right is like the medium level
Kangkung Plecing.. I think my family is accustomed to at least order a dish of greens.. I don't like it that much cause it's basically just plain steamed kangkung topped off with sambal plecing (Balinese sambal) and some peanuts. I think another factor why I am not a fan because it's spicy..
This dish is off the menu. Not sure what it's called. My Mom asked the waitress whether they have something spicy and she recommended us this dish. Even though it's spicy as hell, I LOVE IT. It's diced chicken cooked with sliced tomatoes, chili, shallots, lemon grass. The lemon grass really gives a nice kick in the smell. I kept eating and sweating at the same time.. Not pretty.. lol
As everybody else on the table has ordered the fried crispy duck, I volunteered to order the grilled duck.. It's sweet in a good way! They always serve half a duck with rice and some green beans cooked in Bali herbs..  
Famous crispy duck. Actually I was quite disappointed. It's not as yummy as the original one in Bali. It's still crispy though.. You can even bite some of the bones..
Plecing Satay.. NOT A FAN OF THIS.. It's so bland.. and expensive (40k for 5 sticks). It looked good but I couldn't give any credit for this dish
I love the Bebek Tepi Sawah in Bali, but I just couldn't say the same for the branch in Living World. This restaurant is just a franchise and they definitely fail to resemble the authenticity of the original crispy duck.. The one who opened this branched venue is the owner of Ace Hardware and the Living World Mall itself (they are the same person). How do I know it? Well, the owner kept walking here and there supervising the whole staff and my eldest sister happened to know the son of the owner of the restaurant..

Another bad thing about this place was that it took so freakin longgggg for our food to get into our table.. And when our ducks had arrived, suddenly I can see loads of already fried crispy ducks piling idly in the kitchen.. If they had so many ducks, then how come my duck took that long to get in our table. And talking about piled ducks, now I know the fact that all the ducks have been fried before hand and I don't like that fact..

I think the one in Bali has fried the ducks before hand as well cause it took a very short amount of time for them to serve the ducks to the customers, but my problem with the branch in L.W was the friggin long amount of time.. And the ones in Bali were sooo damn crispy, I remember eating the bones off the duck, but the ones in Alam Sutera weren't that crispy

And once again, they fail to resemble the flavor of the ducks as the original one.. If you have tasted Nuri's pork ribs in Bali (which is heavenly delicious), you will be disappointed to taste the Nuri's pork ribs in Jakarta's branches.. I don't know what is the deal, but they're just not the same. This goes to Bebek Tepi Sawah as well..

For half a duck and the rice, it will cost you 98k before tax. It was worth it when I ate it in Bali, but it's not worth it when I ate it here.. I'd rather eat Bebek Kaleyo in Sunter, which only will cost you a lot less than 50k with fancy drinks on the side, which also have better taste compared to the ducks in the branched venue of Bebek Tepi Sawah..

The place was so packed. But I think people go here because of the prestige of the original Bebek Tepi Sawah in Bali.. Again, the review is based on my personal opinion and also my family member's.. We all agree that the ducks here are just ordinary..

We spent approximately 500k for the dishes.. It is expensive.. But it's so worth it when you eat the one in Bali, just not this one..

Bebek Tepi Sawah
Mal Living World Ground Floor
Alam Sutera Boulevard Kav 21
Serpong, Banten
Telepon: 021-29211919


  1. haaaaaa aku juga pernah kesana!! enak dan tempatnya bagus :p

    aku udah seneng pas ada branch-nya di living world, tapi menurutmu ga enak ya??

    kayanya dibandingin sama yg dibali dari penampilannya aja beda ya bebeknya el?

    1. iya aku ga demen yg di living world.. klo yg di Bali sih enak bgt..

  2. can't get past the clever title

  3. sama bebek bengil yang di jakarta enakin ini?

    1. mirip2 thu ama bebek bengil jakarta.. yg cabang di living world soalnya aku ga demen.. klo yg di bali paling mantep dhe..

    2. klo gtu mah mending ke bengil aj dong, living world jauh, bali lebih jauh lagi hahaha