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Monday, 16 July 2012

We are at UNION!

Weekend night out with my besties.. U all know Union in Plaza Senayan, right? Famous for its red velvet.. Famous for 'if you don't book a table, u won't get a table on weekends'. I never had the chance to go here cause I hate to get involved with all the fuss just to get a table in this place..Well, it turned out that one of my best friends's mother is friends with the owner's mother. So we made a request to her to book us a table..

VOILA, a table we got on a Saturday night with two complimentary red velvets.. Wuiii.. The place is packed as usual. I got there at 12 p.m, it was also completely packed.. Then I took care of my business and BAM, dinner time 7 p.m still packed as well..

My friends came late, but I got in first since I was there since daylight.. So.. first thing first..

Vintage Menu
Established since '11
First thing you see when you walk inside the restaurant.. Many people bought the pastry for take outs.. 
Narcissistic picture as usual.

Me and Riyan.. His mother made this all happened.. Thanks tante..
Somehow I think the interior of the place has the same theme as LOEWY.. But it has its own twist, more like a semi outdoor black vintage design..
Complimentary bread for u to munch around while waiting for your food so u will have something to do, at least munching around, instead of doing nothing and start staring at people.. *No I didn't do that*
Garlic Escargot.. YUMMY! It has quite a crunch.. I burnt my tongue for putting it straight to my mouth, but it was worth it
It's very soft on the inside.. U can literally smell the butter in your mouth
Spaghetti with crispy pork bacon. I forgot the name of the dish.. They put some fancy name for this dish.. Well, pork bacon is the deal.. I like how crispy it is.. It's just okay..
Duck Leg confit with crispy potatoes. They should just write potato wedges instead of crispy potatoes.. -__-" It's kind of disappointing. I didn't like the sauce. It's like they made an effortless runnier version of sweet soy sauce.. The duck was perfectly cooked though.. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.. 
This is the Union burger with cheese and foie gras.. I love how the combine a little bit of French with a butch dish as a burger.. The combination works.. 
Creamy Ravioli with salmon spinach.. I like this.. It has the perfect amount of feelings and I think for a ravioli dish, it's balanced between the spinach and salmon
The choices of cakes.. By daylight, they still have a lot.. I took this picture when we were done eating.. The green one is pandan cake.. The cake is 50k a slice
Mocca cake. I think this is very ordinary and I think it's overpriced. It really is just a mocca cake..
The famous red velvet.. With cashew crushed together with sugar and poured all over it. They use cream cheese but somehow, I also think that the red velvet is ordinary. The ones in Disini Bakery in Bandung are far much fragrant. The slices of the cakes in here are quite big. We couldn't finish the whole thing so we took one home for Riyan's mom..
According to me, the food in here is okay.. But it's not great. I gave 7/10. I think it's overrated and I don't get what the fuss is all about. Maybe some of you will think that this place serves awesome food, but not for me. I'd rather go to Tin Pan Alley for dinner rather than having to queue or making reservations weeks before the due date..

It's not bad! Once again, I highlight it. But it's just not the place suitable for me and my friends.. It's another typical hip restaurant and cafe in Jakarta.. The place is packed for a reason, but I just don't get that reason..
Once in a while, the place is nice to hang out and spend good times with your friends, maybe for a light meal and a drink or two.. I love the atmosphere 

Plaza Senayan, 1st floor Unit Sogo
Jln. Asia Afrika no 8
Phone : 021-5790 5861


  1. been there twice and love the red velvet :) veryyyy overpriced!

  2. I don't get Union as well and has never felt inclined to visit it. And your comments convinced me even more that it's not worth the space in my tummy LOL.

    PS: Favour returned! I've listed your blog on my list of links. Check it out ;)

    1. aha! so it's not only me then.. i thought there's something wrong with me knowing the fact that the place is very hip..

  3. wow.. it is look yummy.. :) nice review..di kota kita