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Monday, 9 July 2012

Satay Xiao Long Bao..

I guess I can call myself an official food blogger now. WHY IS IT SO?

Last Saturday, Femina Magazine and Din Tai Fung Plaza Senayan created an event called "Afternoon Bites" to launch their new xiao long bao flavor which is the SATAY XIAO LONG BAO.. I got an invitation from Femina to try out this new xiao long bao.

At first I was quite puzzled. Why do they wanna create new flavors? It turns out, every time it's near Lebaran, Din Tai Fung will create new innovation for their xiao long bao.. Last year, they created Rendang flavor.. and they year before, Opor ayam flavor.. I wonder how that tasted..

Anyway, it's an honor to be invited, the people there are so friendly! They're so informative and polite.. I had such a great time. And Yes, I am SO HAPPY cause I can call myself a food blogger from now on.. *kekekeke* Okay, without further ado, let's skip to picture time

This venue has a noodle bar concept, unlike any other Din Tai Fung venues. It's not too spacious.
They distributed the menu for the day and also some information and background of Din Tai Fung restaurant and why they created Satay Xiao Long Bao in the first place
For a halal chinese restaurant, I think their Xiao Long Bao is exquisite
More info
The menu *close up*
pardon my narcissism 

Welcome drink, Taiwanese Bubble Tea. I love it. It has the right sweetness and freshness to it..
This is the Beef Floss Pancake a la Shanghai. It is literally a Beef Floss pancake. I'm not a fan though. It's just okay
Crispy Fried Enoki Mushrooms with Chili. Thissss I like! Fried Enoki is the deal! Plus the chili gave a  kick to the dish..
This wonton soup wasn't included in the menu, but it's yummy! The broth is very fragrant and  gives you that warmth.. I think for a NO PORK restaurant, they established to make a fragrant broth..
Sauteed Green Beans with minced beef. Well, I am a huge fan of sauteed green beans with minced beef but this one is very ordinary. I think the green beans are overcooked and it became too soft. I prefer the green beans in Duck King. 
Shanghai Smoked Fish. The sauce is sweet and somehow it tastes quite similar like Yoshinoya's chicken teriyaki sauce. I don't like sweet flavors in my Chinese food, so I didn't dig this one too much
Pineapple Chicken and Hainanese Rice. I love the chicken. They are still crispy even though they are covered with the sauce. It has the right sourness and sweetness. I think it's perfectly balanced. The hainanese rice is also quite fragrant. It's yummyyyy 
Star of the show, Satay Xiao Long Baoooo... So the broth inside is sweet, like Satay peanut sauce, but not with that thick consistency. I don't know how they integrate the satay flavors but I can feel a bit of crushed peanuts. Personally, I prefer the original xiao long bao. But this one is very unique, it wouldn't hurt to try a change for once in a while. If you like satay or Indonesian food, then you will love the flavor!
For dessert, Mango Fantasy. It's shaved ice with mango syrup and mango ice cream.. 
I won the twitpic contest and also the best dressed award. Thanks to femina and din tai fung, I got so many additional free gifts and souvenirs..
Overall, I had a good time that day. I think the event is very satisfying. I love meeting all the new people and I am very pleased to find out how friendly they all really are.. 
Plaza Senayan (Noodle Bar) 
3rd Floor Unit 318C
Jl. Asia Africa No. 8, Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta 10270, INDONESIA
Tel : +62 21 5790 0163 | Fax : +62 21 5790 0162
Blackberry PIN : 2316B6CB


  1. i'm craving for the smoked fish and eager to try the new satay xiao long bao.

    anyway, nice posting elvina :)


  2. Same hereee. love the wonton soup also.. :)

    1. hai aline.. did u attend this event as well..?

    2. Yes I did. I sat in front of the stage at that time. Hehehee.. :D