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Monday, 9 January 2012

Beatrice Quarters and its Papillote

So yesterday, I was checking out this bubble tea cafe called bobabits in PIK. After not long sitting there, the master of hunger, Mr. Ivan asked me whether I wanna go to the restaurant next to this place to eat. After walking along the street filled with restaurants, I randomly went inside this restaurant called Beatrice Quarters. I never really noticed the place before. When I first stepped inside the open area, I was fascinated by the big door in front of me. It reminds me of a being in Alice's Wonderland. But this 'Wonderland' belongs to Beatrice.. 

Once inside, I couldn't help squeaking cause the place is JUST TOO CUTE! and this is coming out from a girl who's not the preppy or the pink lover type. 

The menu is definitely VERY FRENCH.. Yessss, I didn't expect that it's gonna be a french cooking restaurant. Typically the restaurants there would only serve u with Italian, Western or Asian cooking.

and Yes, I'm a big fan of Laura Calder due to excessive hours of watching French Food at Home from AFC. 
I just googled her, and was pretty disgusted and confused by what I found.. 

Why is the first thing that google wants me to know is Laura Calder's breast? That's just... er... okay, moving on!

So back to Beatrice Quarters.. I ordered the Dory Papillote because I remember Laura Calder happened to make one in the show. Papillote is basically a cooking technique where the food is put inside a closed folded pouch and baked inside the oven. They will have runny sauce which also happens to bake the food inside...
In French, Papillote means parchment..

Pictures of foods belowwww.. *be ready to drool* and err..  also, pictures of me and Ivan..

 So many details. This is just one part of the wall, it doesn't look much. But it's really cute when u're there
 We didn't even finish our drinks from bobabits and went to this place because Ivan was too hungry. The left one was ordered by him. It was a mango cheesecake blend. Turned out not so bad. Mine is rose tea with grass leaves. Disappointed cause all the bubbles were finished..
 The table is filled with 3D decorations like these.. It's like you're using a frame as your table
 Mushroom Soup
 Ivan's Poultry. Basically it was a roasted chicken, with mushrooms, rice, and some greens. The sauce is epic! It's mayo with touches of pesto (If I wasn't mistaken). It does taste really good!
This is my Dory Papillote. It was soooo fragant that I tore it quite barbarically. I was very satisfied cos this is what I picture of a healthy meal! Insides veggies are potatoes, carrots, leaves, lotssss of mushrooms (ME LOVE), and leaks.. The fish is pan-fried first before put inside the papillote. YUMMIEHHHH

Ivan always smiles when he's eating a delicious meal and I tell you, he's smiling the whole time we're there..

The prices are very reasonable. They also serve thick toasted breads with ice creams and other toppings. Their drinks are fruity and colorful, but we didn't get the chance to order one cause of our bobabits drinks..

Definitely gonna go back here. The cute place, the delicious meals, the fantasy atmosphere, they complete each other in a good way. I rate the restaurant 8,5 out of 10..

We sat on the second booth.. It's all purple and velvet-y.. Really reminds me of another version of Alice's Wonderland!

Visit their FB page.. They have pictures of the restaurant and you can really see how cute the place is..


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  2. Have passed through this place so many times, but never interested to walk in. Now I know what to expect and find there. Awesome!